Impact Wrestling moving nights starting next month

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Impact Wrestling moving nights starting next month

At the US level but also globally, the third most important federation in the USA is Impact Wrestling, which was once simply called TNA, which gave birth to great characters who have now become irreplaceable in the WWE rings, such as AJ Styles, Robert Roode or Samoa Joe, who made their fortune in the former TNA before abandoning ship.

In recent years, Impact Wrestling has in fact been the subject of a lot of criticism, rained down on the company that was once entirely in the hands of the Carter family and which in the last period has undergone significant changes, which have led one of the most important companies in the world to take on the characteristics it has now.

Over the past year, AEW has also embarked on a beautiful collaboration with Impact Wrestling, which also brought the Khan company world champion to take part in several installments of the competition show, which until now aired on Tuesday nights.

Impact Wrestling moving nights starting next month

With an official statement, Impact Wrestling wanted to communicate to all its fans and supporters that from next April 8th, the schedule of the company's main show will change passing from Tuesday to Thursday and thus returning to its original programming day of the week.

At the moment, there would be no official news regarding the motivation for this change, but many of the insiders, online, speak of a possible move due to that of WWE NXT, which has already been scheduled for a move to Tuesday for a few months, to avoid competition with AEW's Dynamite and internal competition on the USA Network channel, which currently has a lot of meat on the same day.

Probably having to move to Tuesday, NXT would be too hard a nut for Impact Wrestling, which may have chosen to change the day of the week to air its weekly solo show, starting with a bang on Thursday 8 April, once again inviting 'AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega, in a six-man main event, alongside the federation's world champion airing on AXS.

Impact Wrestling has a date coming up that directly conflicts with the first night of WrestleMania. The company changed the date for an upcoming event, but they’re not changing the one that is running on the same night as WrestleMania.

The company announced that they have changed the date for their upcoming Rebellion event. That is the pay-per-view which will feature Kenny Omega vs Rich Swann in a title vs title match.