*Spoiler* Kenny Omega wins Impact World Title at Rebellion

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*Spoiler* Kenny Omega wins Impact World Title at Rebellion

On Sunday, 25th April, Rebellion the last PPV of the Impact Wrestling house as also broadcast. The PPV had been extensively discussed during the last few days, especially given the huge main event that characterized the evening and which saw both world champion belts put on.

up for grabs in the contest, that of the AEW World Championship and that of the Impact Wrestling & TNA World Championship. In fact, the well-known face of All Elite Wrestling, Kenny Omega and former WWE Rich Swann, who had also been WWE lightweight champion, just a few years ago came to compete for all three belts.

In the main event of one of the most anticipated PPVs of the entire world panorama of American pro-wrestling, the two challenged each other in a match that was also expected by WWE fans, who for once "betrayed" the McMahon-owned company, to follow the deeds of two of the most famous independent athletes in the world at the moment.

*Spoiler* Kenny Omega wins Impact World Title at Rebellion

To win the contest that went to close Rebellion, as fans already imagined for days was the AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega, who managed with his finisher to finish his opponent, obtaining the famous pin of three.

After a really beautiful and hard-fought contest, Kenny Omega won the match, in a completely clean way, earning another two belts, which he will now have to keep both in the All Elite Wrestling and Impact Wrestling rings.

We will now see who will be the next opponent of the absolute champion of both companies. On the eve of the main event, everyone was sure that Omega would win, but he would use some unprofessional methods to do so, with Tony Khan's presence on the sidelines that many had taken completely wrong.

In fact, yesterday night several fans were convinced that the AEW patron could do a new Screwjob, like the one suffered by Bret Hart in the famous match of '97 in Montreal, where the trio Shawn Michaels-Vince McMahon-Earl Heber, he tore the belt in a completely unsportsmanlike and unexpected way.

In the end, Khan did absolutely none of this, with the AEW champion winning in the cleanest way possible, thus becoming the absolute champion of two companies, in a match that has history, so much so that at the commentary table Mauro Ranallo had even arrived to present the match to the Impact audience.

At the end of the night, Kenny Omega became the new Impact Wrestling World Champion. AEW referee Aubrey Edwards was at ringside to officiate, but her presence had nothing to do with the decision. Omega won clean without any outside interference at the finish.

Now Omega is Impact Wrestling World Champion and AEW World Champion. We will have to see how things play out on Dynamite next week.