Jeff Jarrett Speaks About His Problems With Jim Ross In WWE

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Jeff Jarrett Speaks About His Problems With Jim Ross In WWE

Jeff Jarrett is a legendary professional wrestler and promoter, even though he could never rise to the top of WWE during his run with the company. Jeff Jarrett went on to become the founder of TNA Wrestling, which is now known as Impact Wrestling right now.

Jeff recently spoke about his problems with Jim Ross during his time in WWE. Jeff’s last match in WWE took place in 1999 at Backlash against Chyna. It was for the Intercontinental Title. According to Jeff, he actually entered and appeared without a contract for that match.

He immediately appeared at WCW Nitro the following day. However, Jeff recently shared that there were issues about the pay before the show.

Jeff Jarett Speaks About Rumors and Exit from WWE

He also stated that the rumors surrounding him holding WWE up for more money are not true.

He also spoke about why he asked WWE to take money out of the arena’s account and not WWE’s account as he didn’t want to give WWE the chance to cancel his payment the next day he appeared at WCW Nitro, which they could if it went through their company account.

“I love the wrestling industry because you want the fictitious story or the truth?” Jarrett said. “Jim comes to me and says ‘We’ve done pen to paper and we’re thinking $150,000, we’ll get it all cleaned up.’ I said ‘Okay, alright Jim, $150,000 is what you think the number is, are you sure?’ We more or less did a head nod and I said let me think on this.

“However much time transpired, he came and sat back down, I said ‘Jim, remember how you changed the deal on me a year in? I understand all the reasons you did and I respect the hell out of it, but we kind of agreed but we didn’t really agree on 150, I don’t really agree with that right now and I’ve had time to reflect on my last two years.

So if we’re going to get a deal done, this place is sold out, so let’s double that and get me to [$300,000], and give me the money out of the Gund Arena’s bank and not WWE’s bank and let’s go to work.’” Jeff Jarrett is still quite relevant in the professional wrestling industry right now.

However, his glory days in Impact Wrestling far behind them. Even though he could never reach the top of WWE, he did manage to fight some legendary superstars during his professional wrestling career.