*Spoiler* Sensational turn heel by Ted DiBiase

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*Spoiler* Sensational turn heel by Ted DiBiase
*Spoiler* Sensational turn heel by Ted DiBiase (Provided by Wrestling World)

In the last episode of the WWE yellow show, which as usual now airs every Tuesday night on USA Network, we are obviously talking about NXT, there was a sensational turn heel that left WWE Universe fans literally stunned, because they would have imagined everything, except to see what went on tonight.

In fact, in recent weeks, the famous historical Hall of Famer of the federation, Ted DiBiase, legendary fighter and manager, has reappeared on the television screens of the WWE yellow show, who owes his fame to the character staged in the rings of the then WWF when he also went on stage with the Million Dollar Belt on his shoulder, gold belt studded with diamonds.

After returning to the scene with the WWE, it seemed that between the Hall of Famer and Cameron Grimes, a young man on the launch pad with the company, a twinning could be born, with the latest rumors that in fact gave the legendary manager alongside him shortly.

Ted DiBiase blatantly cheats on Cameron Grimes

During this night's episode of NXT, the unthinkable happened. During the face-off between the millionaires of NXT, as the segment between Ted DiBiase and Grimes was called, the newcomer LA Knight intervention was the former Eli Drake of Impact Wrestling, who attacked Grimes after a short promo, hitting him treacherously.

In all of this, DiBiase didn't move a finger to defend the stricken boy, immediately making it clear that he was on Knight's side at this point. The two have in fact also left the ring together, a sign that collaboration was born between the two to the detriment of Cameron Grimes.

In this whole story, the strangest thing is that evidently, the babyface on duty will now be Cameron Grimes, something that no WWE Universe fan would ever have imagined. Once again, they made NXT understand what a long-term storyline is.

Above all, they kept the surprise effect, something that we could hardly see in the main roster rings, due to the continuous changes of ideas or the leakage of much information. important from the backstage of the company. We will see in the coming weeks where this feud will lead and above all, if at this point, Cameron Grimes will be able to be joined by someone or if he will remain alone against the two heels of the yellow show.

WWE has since confirmed that Ted DiBiase will be returning to the black and gold brand next week. The WWE Hall of Famer will step into the ring with Cameron Grimes for what is being called a "Million Dollar Face-Off." It will be intriguing to see just how this interaction between the two will go.

Grimes is a character that everyone loves to hate, so we can expect DiBiase to come out on top in this face-off.

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