*Spoiler* NXT: It looks like Gonzalez and Kai will be turning heel once again

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*Spoiler* NXT: It looks like Gonzalez and Kai will be turning heel once again

Hello everyone and well back to the usual NXT appointment. The evening opens in the best possible way with a couple match valid to decree the new contenders for the couple titles that sees none other than NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez engaged.

N1 CONTENDER'S TAG MATCH: Raquel Gonzalez & Kai vs Moon & Blackheart; We are witnessing a high-level match with the two teams who have no intention of giving way to their respective opponents. Now let's see Moon and Gonzalez in the ring with Moon able to cope well with her opponent, scoring a double knee face breaker from the top of the stake.

Kai subsequently hits the mark with a maneuver combined with the Gonzalez and then groped for the pin but it is not successful. Now between the ropes, we find Shotzi and Kai with the first one who makes her opponent the one she wants by going to sign with a facebuster and then groped for the pin which however does not go beyond the count of 2.

The dispute continues with the Moon who manages to evade Gonzalez's single-arm powerbomb by transforming it into the Eclipse. Moon and Shotzi are now concentrating on Kai, managing to knock her out with a splendidly combined maneuver to which she follows the inevitable count of 3.

Result: Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart's win by pinching, giving them the chance to challenge the current NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.

WWE NXT kicked off with a big match this week

Post-match, however, Raquel Gonzalez shows all her frustration by hitting Shotzi behind her and then throwing the barricade of separation from the audience against her, with Moon forced to watch by Kai.

Now it's time for the long-awaited world premiere of NXT's new diva. Let's move on to the match involving a former member of the now-defunct Undisputed ERA and the NXT Bruiserweight. SINGLE MATCH: Bobby Fish vs Pete Dunne; We are witnessing a clash with a high technical rate with Fish trying in every way to keep up with Dunne, arriving to score a running blockbuster and then attempting the pin but it does not go well.

Dunne then tries to snap fingers to try to interrupt Fish's good moment, but he manages to repel the attack and even tries to break the fingers himself. Dunne, however, is not there and sees this gesture as a sort of affront and therefore decides to put an end to the contest by executing the Bitter End.

The referee can only count to 3. Result: Pete Dunne's pinfall victory. Post-match we witness a real full-blown beating by Lorcan against poor Bobby. Burch's teammate almost tries to break Fish's arm using the apron as a pivot and then concludes it all by hitting the same arm with a running big boot.