*Spoiler* Franky Monet makes a super debut on NXT

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*Spoiler* Franky Monet makes a super debut on NXT

Let's now see the protagonist of the next match engaged in an interview during which she asserts that she will snatch the title from the hands of Raquel Gonzalez. However, the NXT mercenary does not realize that Boa is observing her.

SINGLE MATCH: Mercedes Martinez vs Zayda Ramier; Zayda, fresh from the excellent performances had recently, tries in every way to keep up with Martinez. Initially, her agility seems to help her, making her even get to perform a pin that does not go beyond the count of 2.

However, when Martinez presses on the accelerator, there is nothing for her opponent to do and the meeting ends thanks to the Bull Run. Result: Mercedes Martinez's pinfall victory. Mercedes' celebrations are abruptly interrupted by the appearance on the big screen of Mei Ying who, as she appeared, however, disappears in a few moments.

Once the lights are turned on again, a symbol appears on the hand of the winner of the match. It, therefore, seems clear that the next goal of the stable led by Mei Ying is Martinez. Now we are finally offered the Million Dollar Face-Off between Ted DiBiase and Cameron Grimes which is however interrupted by the arrival of an unexpected guest that is none other than LA Knight.

Despite DiBiase's nice words towards LA Knight, Grimes does not willingly accept this interference as the face-off must only concern those who can be defined as Million Dollar Man. Grimes then decides to order LA Knight to leave the ring otherwise he will send him "TO THE MOON"

The former Impact Wrestling, however, does not allow itself to be intimidated and in response, it knocks out poor Cameron with the Bottom Rung. DiBiase then mocks Grimes and then leaves in the company of LA Knight. The time has come for the World Premier of the new NXT diva.

Franky Monet made her WWE NXT debut this week, and John Morrison was a little too active on Twitter for the big event. She made a dramatic entrance for her match against Cora Jade. She immediately showed her dominance by stomping down on Jade from the opening bell.

She trashed-talked her opponent and kept beating her down. Running knees into the corner nearly knocked out Jade, after which Monet hit her with a hip attack.

Franky Monet made her WWE NXT debut this week

SINGLE MATCH: Franky Monet vs Cora Jade; It goes without saying that we are witnessing a completely one-way match that sees Monet do what she wants to poor Jade who, despite everything, tries a reaction but is immediately resized.

The dispute ends in a short time with Franky who scores with the Road To Valhalla. Result: Franky Monet's pinfall victory. This was a good first match for Monet on NXT. She comes across as a natural heel, and WWE will need to work on her a little more to ensure she doesn’t end up like Lacey Evans on the main roster.