*Spoiler* Bronson Reed makes an important decision on NXT

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*Spoiler* Bronson Reed makes an important decision on NXT

Before the last match of the evening, we witness a promo of the new NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed who tells us all his story that led him to achieve this wonderful goal. To interrupt him, however, comes the Legado Del Fantasma with Escobar who, without too many words, tells Bronson that the title he holds actually represents Mexico and therefore should not belong to him.

Escobar, Wild and Mendoza then attempt to attack the champion but are interrupted in the bud by the arrival of the NXT Tag Team Champions MSK who get rid of both Mendoza and Wild by hitting the latter with a double superkick.

Meanwhile, Reed manages to knock out Escobar with an avalanche attack. So here we are at the grand finale that sees the NXT Championship at stake, contested by two giants of the gold-black brand.

Bronson Reed spoke about his NXT North American Championship victory

In the middle of the NXT ring, Bronson Reed spoke about his NXT North American Championship victory.

He claimed that he worked hard to reach where he is today, and decided to challenge anyone who wanted to take a shot at his title. Surprisingly, Santos Escobar appeared with Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde to mock The Colossal One.

While it seemed like Escobar would take a break from NXT, he decided to make a return rather quickly. MAIN EVENT-NXT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Kross (c) vs Balor; Obviously we are witnessing a match in which neither Balor nor Kross intend to spare themselves.

Balor really tries them all, even coming to imprison Kross in the cloth that adorns the ring, then hitting him with a violent kick to the face. Back in the ring we now see Kross attempting a powerbomb transformed by Balor into a DDT followed by the sling blade.

Not happy Balor tries his hand at a flight out of the ring. Finn looks definitely on fire but Kross stands up as if he hadn't taken any hits and crashes Balor onto the comment table. The match returns to the ropes again with Balor who this time tries to close everything with the Coupe De Grace but is promptly avoided by Kross who then hits the mark with a German suplex.

After scoring the Saito Suplex Kross he is, therefore, ready to score his running elbow smash which Balor transforms into a small package, however, going very close to victory. Balor is selling dearly and tries in every way to interrupt the reign of the champion coming to imprison him in various submission maneuvers.

Kross, however, manages to free himself by performing a powerbomb followed by a clothesline and 2 running elbow smash. Not happy Kross decides to imprison his opponent in a variant of the Kross Jacket. The referee can not help but note that Balor has lost consciousness, thus decreeing the end of the match. Result: victory by submission of Karrion Kross who still remains the current NXt Champion.