*Spoiler* Meiko Satomura becomes the new NXT UK Women's Champion

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*Spoiler* Meiko Satomura becomes the new NXT UK Women's Champion

In the modern era, it is very difficult to see titled kingdoms last for several months, let alone fewer years, and the years in which Bruno Sammartino kept a belt for more than 7 years or Fabulous Moolah even more than 28 are very distant.

However, WWE has been offering us some very dominant champions lately, just consider the reigns of Roman Reigns on SmackDown, Bobby Lashley on Raw and Karrion Kross on NXT, not to mention that of Becky Lynch, who had to vacate the title due to pregnancy after more than a year as a champion.

But there is another brand in WWE where there are some rather dominant champions and of course we are talking about NXT UK, the English (or European) arm of the black and gold brand. Here Walter has been the undisputed champion in office for more than two years, and there don't seem to be too many challengers ready to worry him at the moment.

But also the female counterpart has enjoyed a very long-lived reign, that of Kay Lee Ray, champion since August 31, 2019, when she, on the occasion of NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff, defeated the then holder of the belt Toni Storm.

But last night this reign came to an end when the Scottish wrestler handed the title to Meiko Satomura. Meiko Satomura has finally overcome Kay Lee Ray to become the new NXT UK Women's Champion. Kay Lee Ray was the third woman to hold the title, with a record-breaking reign that lasted 649 days in total.

Meiko Satomura has finally overcome Kay Lee Ray

The so-called Final Boss has defeated Kay Lee Ray and ended her endless reign after a thrilling match. Thus, the reign of Kay Lee Ray stops at an altitude of 649 days, the longest-lived in the history of the belt and the longest-lived female reign in modern history.

However, it should be remembered that in the midst of this titled kingdom, the entire NXT UK brand remained stationary for several months due to the pandemic, allowing the champion not to defend her belt for all that time.

Last night's victory is however a historic victory for Meiko Satomura, who formalizes the beginning of a new era at NXT UK, especially after the two matches that these two athletes have staged in the last few weeks, which can really be a school for all those who approach this discipline.

In the end, it was Meiko Satomura who hit her renowned Scorpio Rising finisher on Kay Lee Ray to end her reign and become the new NXT Women's Champion. In 2020, Sasha Banks also revealed that one of her dream matches would be against Meiko Satomura.

Maybe The Boss will be one of Satomura's challengers for the NXT UK Women's Championship?