*Spoiler* Samoa Joe sensationally returns to NXT

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*Spoiler* Samoa Joe sensationally returns to NXT

In recent weeks there had been a lot of talk about it and in the end, the great return of Samoa Joe came unexpectedly, already in this night's episode of NXT, which aired as usual on USA Network. As we widely saw in the finale of NXT TakeOver: In Your House, which aired on Sunday night, the company's ppv ended with William Regal, historic General Manager of NXT, who concluded in front of the show's cameras, with a face visibly suffering and in tears, saying that it was time to make drastic changes in that of NXT, because by now the situation had degenerated.

All this had led fans to think that WWE wanted to replace the figure of Regal with another character and that was Regal's intention, at the beginning of tonight's NXT episode. In fact, the European General Manager himself opened the show, who also began to cry in his speech, trying to make fans understand how he can no longer maintain tranquillity and calm inside the backstage after years of battles with wrestlers.

Samoa Joe said William Regal wanted to talk to him about something

Immediately after the start of William Regal's speech, the show's absolute champion, Karrion Kross, thought of getting to interrupt the GM, who immediately began to take it out on Regal, calling him pathetic for the tears shed in his monologue.

After a few seconds in which Kross said he agreed with Regal to have him removed from the role of General Manager, fans were surprised by the return to the scene after the April firing of Samoa Joe, an athlete who had been employed as a commentator at the table of Monday Night Raw and which was finally back in the first wave of releases this year.

After he stepped onto the scene, Samoa Joe was asked if he wanted to take over from William Regal at the helm of NXT, but Joe vigorously turned down the opportunity, still trusting Regal's ways and possibilities, saying he is still a great Manager and it is thanks to him that NXT has become so big nowadays.

For Samoa Joe, however, it seems there is still an official role for NXT, as the fighter has not yet been declared able to return to the ring, but at the moment he will be the one who will keep calm and tranquillity in that of the yellow show, going to attack someone only if provoked, as confirmed and made official by William Regal himself.

Regal said they could do that, but Joe would not be allowed to compete nor get physical with anyone on the NXT roster unless provoked. The former US Champion accepted these terms and then stepped up to Kross, telling him to get out of the ring.

It's clear Samoa Joe still isn't cleared to compete inside the squared circle, so a return to WWE in a role such as this makes complete sense. It will be interesting to see if Joe will return to active competition somewhere down the line.