*Spoiler* What happened to Adam Cole on NXT?

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*Spoiler* What happened to Adam Cole on NXT?

We've already talked about it extensively during the latest news, but apparently, Samoa Joe is already back on top of his WWE career. After what happened at the end of NXT TakeOver: In Your House, with a William Regal literally distorted by the events of the ppv and in general by what is happening backstage of each episode of the yellow show in the last few weeks, it seemed the point of the turning point for the conduction and guidance of the yellow show.

In the last weekly episode of NXT, we saw how Samoa Joe turned out to be the fateful character who will try to raise the quality and above all the tranquillity inside the backstage of the third WWE brand, without taking the place of William Regal, but at the same time allowing the former English athlete himself, to be respected by the whole roster, as a reference figure and at the same time as a figure to be respected for his role.

For the past few years, Adam Cole has been the main attraction of WWE's black and gold brand. His time so far in NXT has garnered him a great deal of success and popularity and it continues to rise.

Samoa Joe immediately attacks Adam Cole

In his opening speech for the latest episode of NXT, William Regal was quite clear about what Samoa Joe could do in NXT, as the Samoan-born athlete has not yet been declared proficient by the WWE medical staff.

to return to fight, so at the moment he will be able to play an official role for the federation, not putting his hands on anyone, unless visibly provoked. Apparently, this provocation took very little to arrive, as only a few minutes after his return to the scene, Samoa Joe was found backstage with his arms around the neck of Adam Cole, who ended up asleep in the Coquina.

Clutch from the Samoan Submission Machine, in seconds. After seeing yet another challenge between Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly for The Great American Bash, it seems that things have gone to throw more and more into chaos, as was customary in the last installments of the yellow show.

Of course, William Regal's new bodyguard, Samoa Joe, has come to restore "peace". In just a few seconds, Joe then made a clean sweep, eliminating Adam Cole from circulation and thus making himself his first enemy, when he returned to WWE televisions two months after his release, arrived just as unexpectedly as his return.

"Well, first of all, Adam Cole isn't anxious about anything. In regards to RAW and SmackDown: Could Adam Cole show up on RAW or SmackDown? Maybe." Adam Cole added, "Would Adam Cole run RAW or SmackDown if he showed up? You damn right he would.

But I'm actually really tired of hearing this question over and over again. 'Adam you've accomplished so much, Adam do you want to move to RAW or SmackDown, you've done everything that you could possibly do in NXT' No, I haven't. Maybe to you, I've done everything that I can do." said Cole.