*Spoiler* Great show by Breezango on NXT

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*Spoiler* Great show by Breezango on NXT

The evening opens with a verbal confrontation between William Regal and NXT Champion Karrion Kross in the company of Scarlett. The champion does not have nice words towards the GM calling him pathetic and lacking in control over the entire roster.

He also invites him to leave and let him control everything. Before Regal can even say a single word, Samoa Joe's entry music is played in the arena. Joe arrives at a brisk pace reach the three inside the ring. Regal without too many words proposes to the Samoan to become the new GM.

The former NXT Champion however has different thinking and says he is here to ensure that Regal can once again get the respect he deserves that he will do anything to make that happen. William Regal takes a decision. In fact, Regal willingly accepts Joe's help, reminding him, however, that this can happen under certain conditions: 1) the Samoan will not be able to fight in any way; 2) The Samoan will not be able to raise his hands on any athlete… unless he is duly provoked.

The director lingers on Kross's tense gaze who is then joined by Joe who very confidently asks him what he is still doing in the ring. Definitely an excellent bet opening. Let's continue now with the first match of the evening which sees the couple category engaged.

TAG TEAM MATCH: Breezango vs Imperium; Finally, the Breezango has a chance to take revenge on Imperium for what happened in the past few weeks.

Great show by Breezango on NXT

We see Aichner and Fandango in the ring with the latter being dropped abruptly from the top of the stake.

The two begin an exchange of blows in the center of the ring which is won by Dango with a knee to the stomach. However, with the entry of Barthel, the Imperium managed to regain control of the match forcing Dango to ask his teammate for help.

With difficulty, the change is made and once entered Breeze is shot down by a violent clothesline of Aichner who in the meantime has taken the change. Aichner not happy also hits Dango on the apron to then reach Breeze who imprisons him out of nowhere in a small package that surprisingly gives him the victory.

Result: Breezango pinfall victory. Post-match Barthel and Aichner vent all their frustration on their opponents by covering Breeze's exhausted body with a cloth on which the word IMPERIUM stands. We are now taken backstage where we find Cole and O’Reilly intent on a fight that Regal and security try in every way to quell.

Regal tries to convince them by sanctioning a match between the two next week but apparently not enough with Cole who even asserts that this is not his business. Kyle manages to free himself from the grip of security by hitting Cole.

To interrupt it all comes Samoa Joe who violently throws O’Reilly against a shutter. Cole then tries to take advantage of the situation but commits the naivety of putting his hands on Joe who obviously feels provoked.

As you might expect, Cole is promptly imprisoned in the Coquina Clutch and ends up losing sense within seconds. We are now offered a promo starring Santos Escobar who, without too many words, declares that he still has Bronson Reed in his sights and in particular his NXT North American Championship.

The intention of him this time is to want to face him in single with the clear intention of becoming the next champion.