*Spoiler* Kushida confirms her enormous talent

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*Spoiler* Kushida confirms her enormous talent

Let's go back to the square again with the open challenge launched by the NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida. NXT CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE'S MATCH: Kushida vs Trey Baxter; Obviously we are witnessing a very quick match with a Baxter that manages to keep up with the champion, making him very worried, even knocking him down at ringside after a splendid flight over the third rope.

Meanwhile, we see that none other than Kyle O’Reilly appears on the stage. The match, however, continues with Baxter scoring with a 450 splash which is followed by only a 2 count. The two continue to give it to each other by moving to the top of the stake from which Kushida performs a violent arm breaker and then hits the arm.

aching of his opponent with a kick and finally imprison him of the Kimura Lock to which Baxter gives almost immediately. Result: victory by submission Kushida who is still NXT Cruiserweight Champion. Post-match the champion is joined by Kyle O’Reilly who officially challenges him to a match next week.

The challenge is obviously accepted by Kushida. Now we see Mercedes Martinez holding a promo with the intent of sending a message to Tian Sha, with which he warns her that the next time he meets her he will pull her down hard from her chair and make her taste some more steel as done.

during the last TakeOver during which she managed to hit her with a chair before being knocked out. We have therefore reached the long-awaited moment of the awarding of the new Million Dollar Champion L.A. Knight who we remember winning the title during the last NXT Takeover in a ladder match against Cameron Grimes.

Obviously, Knight declares that he is honored and happy to have won the title and that this represents the highest peak of his career.

The match between KUSHIDA and O’Reilly will be great

KUSHIDA caught Baxter with some top moves early before the newcomer made a comeback into the match.

He hit a springboard handspring kick to surprise the champion. After Ted officially gives him the title, Knight declares that he now finally has what he wanted and that at the same time he has realized that there is something he no longer needs and ends up knocking Ted out with a violent blow to the face.

Not happy with the former Impact Wrestling! continues to hit DiBiase with a series of stomps screaming that the title now belongs to him and that he is the true and only Million Dollar Champion. To save the WWE legend Cameron Grimes thinks that he manages to send the champion out of the ring before being able to provide the necessary aid to poor Ted.

Let's get back to the action again with an all-female match that also involves NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez. TAG MATCH: Gonzalez & Kai vs Catanzaro & Carter; We see the team made up of Catanzaro and Carter put their opponents in serious difficulty thanks to their agility with the Catanzaro that manages to knock down both the champion and Kai with a flight over the third rope.

Kacy and Kayden work very well enough to be able to get close to the pin with a combined maneuver on Kai. However, Raquel manages to restore order by literally dragging Kacy out of the ring and throwing Carter into the barricade.

Kacy tries to surprise Kai from the top of the stake from which she is, however, already pulled with the GTK. The referee then begins the count that comes inexorably up to 3. Result: Dakota Kai and NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez win by pinfall.