Wade Barrett Praises Knight From NXT

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Wade Barrett Praises Knight From NXT

Wade Barrett is a former WWE performer and he now works at NXT. Wade Barett’s gimmick “Bad News” Barrett was very well known. Even though he was a heel wrestler, for the most part, he still had a huge number of fans.

Wade Barrett is currently an NXT Announcer. According to him, Million Dollar Champion LA Knight is going to have a terrific future in WWE. In fact, Wade believes that Knight is going to headline WrestleMania one day. Wade spoke about him on WWE India.

Wade was impressed with Knight’s performance “Takeover: In Your House” in a ladder match.

Wade Barrett thinks LA Knight Will Headline WrestleMania One Day

“So somebody I’m really excited by at the moment is a relative newcomer to NXT and it’s LA Knight,” Barrett said.

“I thought his performance in the ladder match at NXT Takeover: In Your House was incredible. Obviously, I have a certain amount of childhood memories related to The Million Dollar Man and The Million Dollar Championship”.

WWE NXT is still a very popular WWE brand and some of WWE’s best wrestlers still work for the brand. A few months ago, NXT was actually taking on AEW Dynamite every Wednesday Nights. Since the Wednesday Night Wars ended, NXT has actually seen a huge boost in ratings.

WWE NXT is still being used as a developmental brand and many stars including Matt Riddle started their careers at NXT. NXT still regularly produces very high-quality wrestlers and NXT has some WWE Hall of Famers working to improve the talent.

According to Wade, Knight should try to carry WWE Hall of Famer “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase’s legacy. Ted was a very well known wrestling personality and was part of many important classic storylines.

Wade stated that Knight should try to headline WrestleMania as Ted could never do that, as he forgot that Ted actually competed at WrestleMania 4. “So to see such a great, historic, prestigious championship back in the world of NXT is fantastic and for it to be around the waist of LA Knight, to me, is just superb,” Wade Barrett said.

“He is the ideal person to continue the legacy of ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase and he might even go one further. Ted DiBiase never main evented a WrestleMania, I think LA Knight can certainly do that”.