*Spoiler* A new stable finally debuts on NXT

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*Spoiler* A new stable finally debuts on NXT
*Spoiler* A new stable finally debuts on NXT

It had been in the air for some time now and it has finally arrived. During the last episode of NXT aired tonight, WWE wanted to stage the famous Diamond Mine of the pre-recorded segments, with the brand that initially it was not clear who it could be attributed to and above all it did not yet have a location well defined in the rings of the Stamford-based company.

Apparently, after weeks of rumors, false leads, false breaking news and much more, it would have emerged in the last hours that the Diamond Mine is a real stable and also has its components already established in the rings of the WWE yellow show, too.

if the mystery remains about one of the members, who at the moment still remains without a name.

The Diamond Mine debuts with a bang on NXT

In the episode that aired tonight, Kyle O'Reily defeated the lightweight champion KUSHIDA, in the main event of the evening, going then to clash with Adam Cole, with whom he still has a score to settle, turning the 'entire ring and also the ring edge.

To make the two stop, Samoa Joe had to intervene, who immediately called security to separate the two former members of the Undisputed Era, who have now started an endless war, which will lead them to clash even in The Great American Bash, in two weeks.

What shocked WWE Universe fans after this mini brawl, however, was the debut of another faction in that of NXT, formed by Roderick Strong, Tyler Rust, Malcolm Bivens and an unnamed athlete, of which he did not know. probably knowingly, still knows the name.

The four proved to be the Diamond Mine that had been talked about for weeks and after their arrival on the scene, they immediately attacked KUSHIDA, leaving him to the mat. We will see in the coming weeks how this storyline will evolve, with a new feud that seems to be already written for the WWE lightweight champion, who will now have not one opponent, but four, to face.

WWE NXT started with recapping last week's major return of Samoa Joe, who was revealed as William Regal's enforcer. Joe promised Regal that everyone on the brand would respect his power as the NXT GM or face his wrath. Regal made several announcements regarding this week.

Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly will face off at Great American Bash but would pick their own opponents for NXT tonight. Cole, who faced Joe's wrath last week, kicked off the show.

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