*Spoiler* Roderick's sensational return to NXT

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*Spoiler* Roderick's sensational return to NXT
*Spoiler* Roderick's sensational return to NXT (Provided by Wrestling World)

Let's move on to the next match of the NXT evening which sees the “debut in the ring” of one of the members of a new stable that made its first appearance just last week. SINGLE MATCH: Roderick Strong (w / Diamond Mine) vs Asher Hale We see a Strong basically dictating the pace of the match, making his opponent what he wants.

Asher sketches a reaction but he can do nothing against Strong's cunning who manages to regain control of the fight after throwing his opponent against the stake. We are witnessing a purely technical match that takes place mostly on the ground with Strong trying to break his opponent's breath.

After a knee to the face, Strong imprisons his opponent in a sort of reverse full nelson on the ground. Asher can't help but give in. Result: Roderick Strong pinch win. It is now the turn of the one who has come close to becoming the new Million Dollar Man Champion.

Roderick's sensational return to NXT

Diamond Mine made their presence felt on WWE NXT last week. Roderick Strong, Hideki Suzuki, Tyler Rust, and Malcolm Bivens came out during the final moments of NXT to beat down Kushida.

Hopefully, the other members of Diamond Mine will get their spotlight soon. Bivens seems more interested in letting his faction members’ fists do the talking. SINGLE MATCH: Cameron Grimes vs Ari Sterling; We find a Sterling who manages to greatly worry Grimes thanks to his agility.

He also managed to score a moonsault springboard at ringside. Back on the ropes Starling even tries a pin but is not successful. The match continues with Grimes who decides to pick up the pace, managing to get the reins of the match back in hand.

However, Starling seems to be able to bring the fate of the match back to his side, even performing an aerial maneuver from the top of the stake. However, Grimes quickly dodged the blow and then landed his running foot stomp.

The referee can only count to 3. Result: Cameron Grimes pinfall victory. Post-match Cameron is joined by the NXT Million Dollar Man L.A. Knight. The two have a verbal exchange that culminates in the challenge launched by Grimes that L.A.

wants. Knight in a title match in the next Great American Bash. The former Impact decides to accept, however, placing a condition which provides that in the event of defeat, Grimes will become his butler. Cameron is not scared and decides to accept the challenge, convinced that he will not be the one to lose.

Now it is Kyle O’Reilly's turn, with microphone in hand declaring that next week he will once again beat Adam Cole. Obviously, the former leader of the Undisputed ERA does not wait and decides to join Kyle in the ring.

The two are then joined by Samoa Joe who has the sole task of preventing the situation from escalating like last week. Cole begins to accuse O'Reilly of being obsessed with him and then add that if it weren't for him, no one would talk about Kyle and that Kyle himself would be no one without him.

To make matters worse then Cole also asserts that he is still the STAR and that everyone is aware of it, including Kyle's wife. Obviously, the good O’Reilly does not take it well and invites Cole to never talk about his wife again and then say how ashamed he is of having been a member of the Undisputed ERA and noticing it so late.

Before Kyle can move on, Cole snatches the microphone from his hand and then tries to hit him. O’Reilly dodges the blow as does Joe, with the former EU member who manages to imprison his former leader in a leg bar. Cole desperately invokes the intervention of Joe who, however, seems to enjoy the scene, to decide to leave the ring before asking for the intervention of security.