*Spoiler* Mercedes Martinez injured after a fall?

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*Spoiler* Mercedes Martinez injured after a fall?

Now it's time for a mixed couple match involving a stable that has been making a lot of talk lately. MIXED TAG MATCH: Mercedes Martinez & Atlas vs Li & Boa; We see Atlas being able to keep up with Boa without too many problems even going so far as to perform a pin.

Boa then gives way to Xia who manages to put Martinez in serious trouble before she manages to take control of the battle. However, the mercenary is distracted by Tian Sha who has simply decided to rise from his throne. Xia takes the opportunity to hit Mercedes behind her and then knock her down with a spinning heel kick which is followed by a pin attempt that stops at 2 following an involuntary reaction of Martinez's body which evidently has heavily accused the blow.

In fact, the referee decides to accompany her out of the ring and once her conditions are ascertained, he puts an end to the match due to a technical knockout.

Mercedes Martinez immediately fell to the ground

Many people watching the show responded to the spot and expressed their concern for Mercedes Martinez's well-being.

Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp has now provided us with an update on the NXT Superstar's condition. He said that Martinez was checked in the back and staff were told she was being taken to the hospital for further evaluation: "Mercedes Martinez was checked in the back and talent/staff were told she's headed to the hospital for further evaluation."

Result: victory by technical knockout of Xia Li and Boa; This is the evening of verbal confrontations between challengers and champions, in fact now it's up to Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher engaged in a face to face with the NXT Tag Team Champions MSK.

Ciampa reminds the champions that he was the one who raised the level of those titles and that he is ready to do it again. The MSKs try to interrupt Ciampa before being interrupted in turn by Thatcher who invites them to show respect and get Ciampa to finish talking.

The champions, however, do not accept willingly the attitude of the challengers, even going so far as to slap the more irascible of the two who obviously is none other than Thatcher who immediately tries to respond to the blow but is promptly interrupted by Ciampa.

The former NXT Champion approaches the ear of one of the MSKs telling him to enjoy these titles and the fact that nothing has happened this week but that next week at Great American Bash they won't be so lucky to then snap a bath on his cheek.

So here we are at the last match of the evening that sees the NXT North American Championship up for grabs. MAIN EVENT- NXT North American Title's match: Reed (c) vs Scott; We are witnessing a high-intensity match with the champion who does not let himself be intimidated by the presence of the entire Hit Row stable present at ringside and ready to assist their leader.

Reed in fact manages to put his in serious difficulty by challenging him by knocking him down with two splash and a standing feel. When Reed prepares for the Tsunami, the entire stable intervenes distracting the referee so as to allow Adonis to make Reed fall from the top of the stake.

Top Dolla also tries to increase the dose, but it blatantly misses the impact with the champion and ends up breaking through the barricade. Reed also gets rid of Ashante by making him join his snack partner. In attempting to get back on the ropes, Reed is hit first with the Kick to the Neck and then with the 450 splash. The referee can only count to 3. Result: Isaiah Scott's pinfall wins and becomes the new NXT North American Champion.