Latest update on Mercedes Martinez's injury

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Latest update on Mercedes Martinez's injury

Mercedes Martinez has been one of the stars of the women's division since the beginning of the pandemic, when she was moved to the main roster to join the Retribution, although it took a while to realize she was a member of this hooded gang.

Unfortunately, the thing did not go well, in fact she left the group shortly afterwards following a request made by the same wrestler who asked to be expelled to take a break and not risk getting sick, compromising the health of her immunosuppressed son.

Fortunately, the athlete is back to fight, but at NXT instead of the main roster, taking the role of a veteran who is in charge of helping the youngest to grow in the business and it must be said that she is doing a great job.

Lately we have seen her in feud with Tian Sha's team, specifically with Xia Li always flanked by Boa, with a rivalry based on a revenge for defeat in an edition of the Mae Young Classic a few years earlier. Unfortunately, however, in the latest episode of NXT, during a Mixed Tag Team Match, Xia Li delivered a strong spinning kick to the head of Mercedes Martinez, stunning her and making her land badly on her head, interrupting the match at the request of the referee.

Latest update on Mercedes Martinez's injury

Immediately after the match, Fightful journalist Sean Ross Sapp wrote on his Twitter account that Mercedes Martinez was immediately taken to the hospital for medical checks, after the referee made an "X" with her arms, a sign that indicates a real injury.

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gave important updates on the health of the wrestler: “She had a concussion […] A concussion could make her feel good and go back to fighting the next week or she might not be well in six months.

[…] She is fine from the point of view of a person who is fine […] However, we don't know when she will recover, concussions are unpredictable." As for how long Martinez will be out, no one knows for certain as concussions affect each person differently.

Some wrestlers are able to bounce right back from one while some take months, and others' careers have ended due to this injury. With Mercedes Martinez on the shelf, it is uncertain what the future of Xia Li and the Tian Sha faction will be because it doesn't seem like their rivalry with Martinez was ready to end this week.