*Spoiler* Which superstar will be returning to NXT soon?

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*Spoiler* Which superstar will be returning to NXT soon?

In recent weeks we have seen some short films during the episodes of NXT where we were shown a very simple image: a battery that gradually began to charge up to 81% last week. Obviously, there was no shortage of speculations, between those who predicted the return of some of the fired people and those who crossed their fingers to see a person who may have been injured and who is returning more charged than ever in action.

Perhaps we have finally found an answer to the questions about the identity of this mysterious person that we will soon see on our screens, along with several debuts that have recently been made in the Triple H brand.

Several NXT talent made appearances in dark matches

According to what was reported by the well-known news site PW Insider, Tegan Nox, who we all know very well always have some knee problems, in fact, it is already the third time that she's got hurt and has to stay still for a certain period of time.

Now, it seems that Tegan is the protagonist of the recharging battery cartoons, a sign that the girl could soon return to NXT after almost a year off, in fact, she has been out of action since August 2020 thanks to Candice LeRae.

The wrestler was also a recent guest on WWE The Bump, a show that airs every Wednesday afternoon for free on the WWE social platforms and on the WWE Network, declaring that she is positive about her possible return. In fact, she said that rehabilitation is going very well and we also saw her on her Instagram profile sharing short stories of her workouts, mainly done to strengthen the knees.

We hope to see you in action again soon. With all of the recent releases that WWE has made, which include former world champions and other titleholders, the company's RAW and SmackDown rosters are looking a little thin on the ground.

With that in mind, there's been a lot of talk about WWE calling up several Superstars from NXT to replenish its blue and red branded shows and freshen things up a bit.