*Spoiler* Samoa Joe has had some tension with Karrion Kross

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*Spoiler* Samoa Joe has had some tension with Karrion Kross

To open the dance we are offered the match valid for the NXT Tag Team Championship. Finally, the race for the title by Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa who will challenge the current MSK champions on Tuesday comes to an end.

NXT Tag Title's match: MSK (c) vs Ciampa & Thatcher. We are witnessing a high-intensity match with the MSK who do everything they can to repel the onslaught of only the opponents. In fact, we see Lee and Carter committed to putting Ciampa in serious difficulty, who decides to take refuge at ringside.

Lee decides to try his hand at flying from the top of the stake landing on Thatcher only to be shot down by Ciampa's outstretched arm. Back in the ring, the MSKs managed to regain control by putting Ciampa on the ropes who first suffered a senton bomb from Carter and then another aerial maneuver by Lee followed by a pinch attempt interrupted by Thatcher.

The master of the technique then decides to take over. Before leaving the ring, however, Ciampa scores the Fairy Tale Ending on Lee who is subsequently imprisoned in the Ankle Lock by Thatcher. Ciampa in the meantime blocks Carter's return to the ring but somehow manages to make his opponent lose his balance by making him fall on Thatcher who is forced to let go of Lee.

Thatcher tries again to imprison Lee in the Ankle Lock but is in turn trapped in a small package. The referee then begins the count which goes up to 3 without Thatcher being able to free herself from the hold. Result: victory by pinfall of the MSK who are confirmed as NXT Tag Team Champions.

The Great American Bash saw the perfect balance of big matches and storyline progression. William Regal booked an NXT Championship match for next week's episode, with Johnny Gargano challenging Karrion Kross. Samoa Joe has had some tension with Karrion Kross.

The two have had multiple staredowns all around the Capitol Wrestling Center and it could all come to a head during the title match.

Regal booked an NXT Championship match for next week's episode

The evening continues in a great way and in fact we see GM William Regal in the company of enforcer Samoa Joe positioned in the center of the ring.

Without too many words Regal calls Johnny Gargano and NXT Champion Karrion Kross. The two have a verbal exchange with Gargano who accuses the champion of being terrified of him, which is why he tried to run over him last week.

Kross obviously responds in kind by stating that he is absolutely not afraid of him and that when he wakes up in the morning he only has three things in mind, to keep the NXT Championship, be the main eventer at Wrestlemania and become WWE Champion.

Before the thing degenerates from words to deeds, Regal intervenes by communicating that next week the two will compete in a titled match that will see none other than Samoa Joe as special guest referee.