Tenea Brooks on NXT Experience

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Tenea Brooks on NXT Experience

WWE Wrestling legends don’t become legends overnight. In fact, most wrestling legends wrestled all over the world before ending up with WWE and establishing their legacy there. A few unfortunate talented wrestlers never make it to the WWE as they get injured and have to end their career prematurely.

Others are never recognized for their work and spend many years just wrestling outside of the WWE. Some wrestlers emerge from the smaller WWE brands like NXT. NXT is now very popular and is home for some extremely talented wrestlers.

Some former NXT wrestlers are now on the main roster and have a fan following. Some of them even captured important WWE titles. Finn Balor won the WWE Universal Title and he was a product of NXT. Tenea Brook was known as Rebel in Impact Wrestling.

She recently made her debut on NXT, after spending some time in Impact Wrestling. Talking to Wrestling Epicenter, she shared her experience. "It was awesome! It was awesome to be there,” she said. "It is just different because I was a guest at NXT and in Impact, I was on the roster.

It is just a completely different experience coming in as a guest in that respect." We might see more of this talented superstar at NXT if she enjoyed her match that much!