*Spoiler* Mandy Rose returns to NXT

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*Spoiler* Mandy Rose returns to NXT
*Spoiler* Mandy Rose returns to NXT

Lately, there is an air of confusion around Raw, SmackDown and NXT, with sudden changes of people in the various rosters, also in view of the return on the road scheduled for this Friday starting with SmackDown. In fact, we have seen a lot of news on the various dark matches of the superstars of the yellow-black brand, to Karrion Kross and Bronson Reed who have made matches at the Main Event, or even Shotzi Blackheart, now only Shotzi, and Tegan Nox making their debut in the latest installment of Smackdown and we still expect to see a lot.

Unfortunately, with the various layoffs that the company has made, it has had to downsize by changing the cards in order to somehow manage the rosters in the three brands, leaving room for superstars who still have their trust for now.

Just yesterday then we also informed you that the Draft, which serves to move the superstars of the two main rosters, or in the case of some, confirm them where they are, seems to have been moved from late August / early September to October, for unknown reasons.

Even tonight, however, in the weekly episode of NXT, we had a pleasant and unexpected surprise: a superstar who is part of the Raw roster is back. Mandy Rose shocked the WWE Universe tonight when she appeared at the Capital Wrestling Center to have a close look at the proceedings on NXT.

During a match between two newer stars of the black and gold brand, Sarray, and Gigi Dolin, Mandy Rose appeared on the entrance ramp to get a look at the competition. She watched on as Sarray dumped Dolin on her head with a triplex for the victory.

Mandy Rose shocked the WWE Universe tonight

In the episode of NXT on June 13, Gigi Dolin faced Sarray, in fact, the Japanese had asked for a match against Toni Storm who, as we know, will soon debut at SmackDown and therefore her place was taken by Gigi.

During this battle, Mandy Rose made her way up the ramp while admiring the work of the two athletes and after Sarray's victory, Mandy approved with a 'yes' with her head and left without further explanation. We do not yet know if Mandy has actually been separated from her teammate Dana, who is currently feuding with her couple champions Natalya and Tamina, but surely we could still see her at NXT, perhaps in the role of mentor for young wrestlers, or WWE wants to give her some time to train better.

Mandy Rose Nxt

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