*Spoiler* Tyler Rust defeated Bobby Fish via pinfall

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*Spoiler* Tyler Rust defeated Bobby Fish via pinfall
*Spoiler* Tyler Rust defeated Bobby Fish via pinfall

We see the two athletes engaged in an exchange of blows at ringside that sees the Moon get the better of the Kai who is landed first with a suicide dive and then with a sort of 619 on the apron and a kick to the face. Back in the ring, Kai manages to regain control of the match, reaching her running big boot followed by a revers swinning neckbreaker.

The referee starts the count from which Moon surprisingly comes out at 2. Kai decides to raise the bar by climbing on the pole where she is reached by Moon who knocks her down with a hurricanerana followed by an attempt at pinning that does not go beyond cone of 2.

The dispute continues with the two athletes intent on giving it to each other with the Kari who from nothing draws from the cylinder the card named GTS with which she knocks out her opponent. The referee can only count to 3.

Result: Dakota Kai's pinfall victory. After the match, Kai is joined by Gonzalez for the celebrations which, however, do not last long since the two are in turn joined by Xia Li who without delay launches a challenge to the champion.

Gonzalez obviously doesn't hold back and accepts the Chinese athlete's gauntlet. Let's now move on to the second match of the evening which involves a recently born stable that has made a lot of talk about itself, the Diamond Mine.

SINGLE MATCH: Tyler Rust vs Bobby Fish; the contest is purely technical and sees a very confident Rust to score back suplex followed by a screw dragon. Fish barely manages to regain the reins of the match going to score a back body drop followed by a t-bone suplex with which he throws the opponent against the ropes.

However, Fish is distracted by Roderick Strong's intrusion which allows Rust to recover just enough to hit Rust from behind and then knock him down with a kick in the face. The referee then begins the count which inexorably reaches 3.

Tyler Rust defeated Bobby Fish

Result: Tyler Rust's pinfall victory. Post match, the entire Diamond Mine stable is ready to knock out poor Bobby Fish who is saved by the intervention of NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida.

With the arrival of the champion, the athletes who make up the Diamond Mine decide to give it to themselves, in a totally senseless way, also giving up numerical superiority. We will see if in the next few days we will have an explanation for what happened.

But now let's focus on the next match. SINGLE MATCH: Sarray vs Gigi Dolin; The contest sees an initial phase with the 2 athletes perfectly in balance but the situation changes when Sarray decides to press the accelerator and imprison her opponent in a painful submission maneuver.

Also in this case we are witnessing something totally meaningless, as the athlete of Japanese origins leaves her grip one step away from Dolin's submission. Sarray also risks losing the contest by undergoing 2 roll-ups from which, however, he manages to free himself before the count of 3.

On the stage, none other than Mandy Rose makes her appearance who, however, seems to have no impact on the attention of the two athletes. inside the ring. Now we see Dolin go to sign with an STO which is followed, however, by only a count of 1.

Sarray is not there and decides to press the accelerator again and after having scored a low dropkick, she tries a variant of the suplex exploder with which he permanently knocks out his opponent. The referee can only count to 3.

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