*Spoiler* Santos Escobar shows all his talent on NXT

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*Spoiler* Santos Escobar shows all his talent on NXT

We are now witnessing a brief promo of the Legado of the Phantom with Santos Escobar intent on sending a message to NXT North American Champion Isaiah Scott, telling him that he will soon come to snatch the title from him.

Before him, however, he will have to focus on his opponent tonight. SINGLE MATCH: Santos Escobar vs Dexter Lumis; We witness the usual crazy attitude of Lumis that manages to put poor Escobar into serious mental difficulty.

When the match returns to the physical level we see the two give it to each other with good reason with Escobar who scores with a back stabber and then is knocked down by an outstretched arm of Lumis. The NXT psychopath seems to be in full control of the match, managing to score the Silence which is however interrupted by the intervention of Mendoza who takes advantage of Wilde's distraction of the referee.

Lumis then released his grip and then joined Mendoza and Escobar at ringside but was hit from behind by Wilde who threw him badly against the post, while the referee was inexplicably intent on watching Escobar and Mendoza.

The leader of the Legado of the Phantom has to do is score the Phantom Driver which is followed by the final pin.

Santos Escobar taunted Dexter Lumis

Result: Santos Escobar's pinfall victory. Let's continue now with the long-awaited NXT Breakout Tournament.

SINGLE MATCH: Ikemen Jiro vs Duke Hudson; We see a Jiro perfectly at ease inside the ring engaging in a sort of show that takes his opponent's frustration level to a decidedly high point. In fact, Hudson decides to go to the facts by hitting Jiro first with a knee to the face and then with a hammer blow.

Jiro manages to regain the reins of the match arriving to score the octopus lock and then try his hand at a flight over the third rope but being blocked on the fly by Hudson who scores with a belly to belly suplex. After a series of shots, Hudson also tries the pin but does not go beyond the count of 2.

Hudson then tries to close the contest with the crucifix bomb from which Jiro frees himself by sending his opponent against the stake with a hurricane rana. The contest then moves to ringside with a Jiro moon sault springboard.

Back in the ring, Hudson manages to score his spinning side slam. The referee can only count to 3. Result: Duke Hudson pinch win. Now it's up to an all-female couple match. TAG MATCH: Catanzaro & Carter vs Aliyah & Kamea; We see the athletes of the Robert Stone's Brand initially prevail and even come close to winning with a pin on Catanzaro.

Kamea and Aliyah work well as a team but Catanzaro’s highness finally allows her to get the change in order to reverse the situation. Carter manages at first to regain control of the match until Catanzaro falls into Aliyah's trap that forces the referee to intervene, giving Stone the opportunity to deliver one of his moccasins to Aliyah who, however, does not have time to use it by being closed in a roll-up by Catanzaro.

Kamea, however, puts a patch on it, interrupting the roll-up and then being sent and shot down at ringside. Aliyah, therefore, remains at the mercy of Carter and Catanzaro who put her out of action with a combined maneuver between neckbreaker and 450 ° splash which is followed by the final pin. Result: victory by pinfall of Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter.