*Spoiler* Sparks between Karrion Kross and Samoa Joe

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*Spoiler* Sparks between Karrion Kross and Samoa Joe
*Spoiler* Sparks between Karrion Kross and Samoa Joe

Let's now return to the arena where we find Adam Cole engaged in a promo with which he boasts of what he did against O’Reilly during the last The Great American Bash, proving to be the best athlete in NXT. Not content, he shifts his attention to Samoa Joe, guilty of having knocked him out with the Coquina Clutch by attacking him from behind and not having the courage to face him face to face.

He adds to the dose then asserts that no one in the locker room is man enough to face him. Suddenly, however, the music of Bronson Reed resounds in the area and without delay reaches the former leader of the Undisputed Era.

The former NXT North American Champion accuses Cole of being able to manipulate people who have something to lose and that, considering he has already lost what he cared about, he can now focus only on him. Cole decides to move the fight on the physical plane trying to launch a superkick that is promptly parried by Reed who then scores an avalanche attack after which Cole takes refuge at ringside.

The two are interrupted by the entry of Samoa Joe dressed as a referee perfectly focused on the match that he will have to direct shortly thereafter. We have therefore reached the last match of the evening that sees the NXT Championship up for grabs in a clash that sees none other than Samoa Joe as special guest referee.

NXT TITLE MATCH: Karrion Kross (c) vs Johnny Gargano. The dispute initially sees a Karrion Kross in full control. The situation is reversed, however, when Gargano sends him out of the ring with a dropkick. So we see a Gargano apparently in full control of the situation who, however, does not seem to have come to terms with the excessive power of the champion who in no time at all overturns everything in his favor, scoring a big boot by the ringside.

Karrion Kross retained his NXT Championship

Samoa Joe tries to verbally force the champion to return to the ring without the latter giving him straight, however, trying to hit Gargano but ending up against the steel steps.

Back in the ring we see a Gargano in serious difficulty who can hardly stand up, with a Samoa Joe intent on asking him if he wants to end the match earlier than expected. Kross then prepares for his running elbow smash which initially seems to want to launch against Joe but when the latter realizes it, Kross changes target and violently hits Gargano, literally knocking him out.

Joe can't help but count to 3. Result: victory by pinfall of Karrion Kross who is confirmed as NXT Champion. Post-match we see Kross imprison Samoe Joe in the Kross Jacket causing him to lose consciousness. During the submission maneuver Kross invokes the famous clause imposed by Regal which allowed Joe to react only if provoked, thus wishing that once he recovered the two could finally come to blows.

Once he wakes up, Joe immediately rushes into the backstage equipped with steel steps with the clear intention of finding whoever had just knocked him out with a treacherous attack.

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