NXT will record an episode and change the channel

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NXT will record an episode and change the channel
NXT will record an episode and change the channel

A lot has happened lately at NXT, with a show that from week to week proves to be a really great product, well managed and that gives great opportunities to its athletes to grow in the business. Perhaps the coolest thing that happened recently at NXT was the resounding return of Samoa Joe.

In fact, during an episode aired in June, William Regal, after discussing with Karrion Kross, announced the return of Joe and asked him if he wanted to take the place of William Regal at the helm of NXT, but Joe vigorously refused this opportunity.

, still trusting in Regal's ways and possibilities. Now as we know Samoa Joe has become Regal's very important right-hand man, trying to keep an often rebellious division in check. But are there any other plans in mind for NXT? The answer is yes, in fact in the coming weeks the yellow-black brand will have to work on some changes to adapt.

How will NXT fare with the Olympics?

As you know this year, with a year delay due to COVID, the Olympics are back, a very important sporting event in world history, which obviously attracts many people who can enjoy a unique spectacle.

PW Insider in this regard reported that NXT will move channels, going on Syfy for two weeks. It will do so with the two episodes of July 27 and August 3 that will not be on USA Network as usual. Instead, as said by Fightful Select, another well-known site in the wrestling world, the episode of July 27 will be regularly live like the others, while that of August 3 will be recorded on July 28, as planned by the Stamford-based company.

Following the reasoning presented by this situation, Raw, which always airs on USA Network, should not undergo any change, not being touched by the Olympics. But obviously, the plans, both for Raw and for NXT, could also change, because in a historical period like the one we are experiencing, anything can happen overnight and upset the work done.

There was a big surprise on this week's episode of WWE NXT, as Mandy Rose made a shocking appearance to observe a match between Sarray and Gigi Dolin. However, there seems to be more to Rose's appearance than fans initially thought.

Rose didn't physically get involved on the show, but her mere presence at ringside generated a lot of buzz among WWE fans. Everyone wanted to know why she was on the show, due to her status as a WWE RAW Superstar.


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