Speculation has been running rampant about WALTER’s status

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Speculation has been running rampant about WALTER’s status

This match was one of the most anticipated of recent days in the wrestling scene, with two athletes who had previously challenged each other by bringing out the best in in ring performance from each other. That match obviously ended with WALTER the winner who has kept the belt he still holds today, for 832 days now and seems to have no intention of letting him go, with the fans starting with theories about who could take it away from him.

Unfortunately, however, there is no good news for the champion, who had to give up the challenge with his opponent.

WALTER hasn’t wrestled a match since his title win

A titled match between WALTER and Ilja Dragunov was scheduled for next week, but unfortunately, it was postponed because WALTER injured his hand and therefore cannot compete to defend his title.

Last night, during the usual episode of NXT UK, we were shown a segment of the signing of the contract between the two athletes, for what would be their match next week. It was later confirmed by the WWE that due to some things that happened backstage between the two, WALTER got a hand injury and therefore cannot defend the title for now.

Therefore, it was announced that the title match will be postponed to a later date. New details will be revealed next week. According to what was reported by PW Insider, the injury is legitimate, so it is not part of the storyline.

It is really a shame not to be able to see WALTER and Dragunov in action soon, because their performance in October 2020 had amazed all those who follow NXT UK or at least the fans who decided to recover the match. While waiting for the champion to get back in shape to be able to defend his title, obviously if you haven't done so yet, run on the WWE Network to recover their first fight, you will not regret it.

We hope to see another one soon and wish the champion a speedy recovery. WALTER recently appeared on After The Bell and opened up on not wanting to sign a contract with WWE back in the day. “First of all, I was never thinking about signing with WWE,” Walter said.

“That was never a goal. I was happy in the process, sometimes you get lost too much when you think about the future. I have to force myself to do it as well, sometimes your brain is way ahead of you. I was never too keen about leaving Germany, leaving Europe to live in the United States."