*Spoiler* Kyle O'Reilly defeated Austin Theory via submission

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*Spoiler* Kyle O'Reilly defeated Austin Theory via submission

SINGLE MATCH: Austin Theory vs Kyle O'Reilly; We see Austin try to put his opponent in difficulty with a block in the neck, from which O’Reilly manages to free himself before being blocked again. O’Reilly manages to free himself again, taking the reins of the match in hand, starting to taunt his opponent.

Theory, blinded by anger, rushes into the attack but ends up being thrown out of the ring. Back on the ropes, O’Reilly is in full control of the match and after a series of shots, he scores his knee drop from the top of the post before him and then imprisons his opponent in the decisive leg-bar.

Result: victory by submission of Kyle O’Reilly. Then we see the Legado del Fantasma in the ring with Escobar intent on giving a speech dedicated to the traditions of Hispanic music, connecting in fact to that bad taste event called Cypher Celebration held by Hit Row and which had the sole purpose of celebrating the victory of the NXT North American Championship by Isaiah Scott.

The Hit Row obviously do not let themselves be begged and show up in the ring. After a verbal exchange, however, the situation degenerates ending in a small fight that sees Wilde having the worst with a cracked guitar on his face.

So let's move on to the tournament useful to let us know the future faces of NXT and clearly I'm talking about the Breakout Tournament.

Kyle O'Reilly defeated Austin Theory

Austin Theory came out with some new music, which is a good sign for the 23-year-old superstar.

Theory overpowered Kyle O'Reilly, breaking away from an arm wrench with a suplex. SINGLE MATCH: Odyssey Jones vs Andre Chase; We see Chase trying to put his opponent in difficulty, but by exploiting his size he manages to keep his position steady.

The clash now moves to ringside with Chase performing an aerial maneuver with which he knocks down Jones who in response crashes him on the comment table. Chase nevertheless manages to throw his opponent into a ringside structure and then into the post and then returns to the ropes for a pin attempt that does not go beyond the 2 count.

Chase really tries them all but Jones is hard to break down. and as soon as he decides to accelerate, we also see that he is endowed with excellent agility. Jones then scores a variant of the side slam which is followed by the final pin.

Result: Odyssey Jones pinned to victory and in fact advances in the Breakout Tournament. Now we are offered an interview of the NXT Tag Team Champion MSK which, however, I am interrupted by a video of the Imperium with which they harshly criticize the NXT tag team division, thus suggesting that with them everything would be different and better.