*Spoiler* Drake Maverick takes a prestigious victory on NXT

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*Spoiler* Drake Maverick takes a prestigious victory on NXT

Let's now pass to the match resulting from what happened previously during the evening with the Million Dollar Man intent on making anyone pay it to anyone who interferes between him and the chores of his butler Cameron Grimes.

SINGLE MATCH: L.A. Knight vs Drake Maverick; obviously the match does not have much to say and sees Knight dominate the contest. Former Impact Wrestling requires Grimes to hold up the Million Dollar Belt for visibility. Drake takes advantage of the situation to hit Knight in the back with a dropkick, causing him to hit his head against the belt and then imprison him in a roll-up.

The referee then begins the count which inexorably reaches the count of 3. Result: Drake Maverick's pinfall victory. Post-match we see a real beating by Knight against Maverick. Grimes tries in every possible way to dissuade Knight but the latter has no intention of listening to him even going so far as to expect his "butler" to hit Maverick.

Grimes tries in every way to avoid doing it until then he can do nothing else and Maverick is sent to the ground with a punch to the face. So here we are at the last match of the evening that sees the NXT Women’s Championship up for grabs.

Drake Maverick defeated LA Knight via pinfall

Drake Maverick hit LA Knight with a basement dropkick to the knee and another to the face. However, the NXT Million Dollar Champion responded with a backdrop, quickly taking over.

NXT WOMEN'S TILE MATCH: Xia Li vs Gonzalez (c); we are witnessing a very intense match with the Chinese athlete who does not let himself be intimidated by the difference in tonnage compared to his opponent, even managing to arrive at an attempt at pinning which, however, does not go beyond the count of 2.

Li tries to shoot down the giantess with a series of shots to the bank followed by an attempt at submission with Gonzalez who, however, frees herself and scores a fall-away slam to which Li promptly responds with a circular kick to the back of the head and then groped for the pin.

time stops on the account of 2. The dispute continues with Gonzalez who tries them all to end the match even going so far as to score an aerial maneuver which is followed by only a count of 2. Let's now see Xia in serious difficulty with the director of the race that seems almost willing to put an end to the match in advance.

However, Xia gets up but is only to end up being shot down by the champion's one arm powerbomb. The referee can only count to 3. Result: Raquel Gonzalez's pinch victory, once again confirmed as NXT Women’s Champion.

Before saying goodbye, however, we see an enraged Samoa Joe entering the ring intent on calling Karrion Kross and asking him to come and play with him. The champion then appears on the big screen claiming to be the future of the brand and that with the NXT Championship he can go where he wants, do what he wants and hurt whoever he wants.

At this point, the frame widens and we see an unconscious William Regal at the feet of the champion. Joe doesn't think twice about it he rushes backstage. Obviously, before his arrival, Kross manages to get in the car and leave.