*Spoiler* Ridge Holland made his return on NXT

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*Spoiler* Ridge Holland made his return on NXT

NXT TAG MATCH: Ciampa & Thatcher vs Dunne & Lorcan; After an initial phase controlled by Ciampa, Lorcan's place is taken by Dunne who almost immediately manages to overturn the situation. The Sicilian Psychopath seems to be able to regain control enough to force Lorcan to intervene to help his partner but is stopped by Thatcher who starts hitting him in stereo with Ciampa hitting Dunne in the meantime.

The contest then moves out of the ring with the Dunne and Lorcan being thrown against the barricades. Back in the ring, Dunne tries a roll-up on Ciampa with the pin but it is not successful. Dunne does not give up and scores with Bitter End followed this time by the count of 3.

Result: Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan pinned victory. Post-match we see the welcome return of Ridge Holland who without too many words completely knocks out both Thatcher and Ciampa. After the commercial break, we return to the arena for verbal exchange between Samoa Joe and GM William Regal.

The former NXT Champion tries in every way to persuade Regal to sign the documents with which he relieves him of the role of Enforcer and reactivates him as an active part of the NXT roster.

Ridge Holland made his return on NXT

The latest episode of NXT saw the return of Ridge Holland, nearly ten months since he was last on TV.

He helped Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan defeat Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher. The in-ring quality was high throughout the match, with its conclusion giving birth to an interesting alliance. The last but not least of the documents is the one that formalizes the match between Samoa Joe and Karrion Kross in TakeOver 36 with the NXT Championship up for grabs.

With a bit of hesitation, swept away by the incitement of the public, Regal signs all the documents. We are now offered one of the videos involving L.A. Knight and his butler Cameron Grimes. In this case, we see them on a golf course with Knight intent on playing badly, forcing Grimes to retrieve the balls practically everywhere including within a lake.

Let's go back to the arena now for NXT Breakout Tournament. SINGLE MATCH: Carmelo Hayes vs Josh Briggs We see a decidedly in control Hayes who even hits the mark with a springboard leg drop followed by an attempted pin but that fails.

Briggs decides to put his excessive physical power into play, managing to overturn the situation thus taking control of the match in hand, achieving a combination of big boot and chokeslam which is followed by an attempt of pinning that does not go beyond the count of 2.

Hayes doesn't give up and after regaining control of the match he manages to score a diving leg drop from the top of the pole followed by the final pin. Result: Carmelo Hayes pinch win who then wins the passage to the semifinals where he will face Duke Hudson.

We are then sent back to the golf course in the company of Grimes and Knight with the latter intent on retrieving a ball inside a lake. Suddenly Ted DiBiase comes out of nowhere and tries to bring Grimes to his senses by making him understand that he is much better than that and that he must do everything possible to get his life back in hand.