*Spoiler* Raquel González asked for anyone to challenge the champ

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*Spoiler* Raquel González asked for anyone to challenge the champ
*Spoiler* Raquel González asked for anyone to challenge the champ

Let's go back to the arena again where we find NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez in the company of Dakota Kai. Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez have something to say. The champion begins by remembering that last week she literally demolished Xia Li only to assert that there is none of her in the locker room who has the guts to face her.

To make matters worse, Dakota Kai also thinks about how Raquel has beaten anyone and how her kingdom is better than those of Charlotte Flair and Asuka and then turns backstage inviting anyone who has the guts to introduce themselves and to challenge the champion.

No entrance music plays in the arena so the direction decides to start that of Gonzalez who begins to celebrate what now seems to be an undisputed kingdom. During the celebrations, however, something happens that could have been expected for some time now.

In fact, Kai hits the mark with her Running Big Boot with which she knocks out her now ex-best friend Raquel Gonzalez. I think we found Gonzalez's challenger in TakeOver 36. Now it is the turn of the couple category with a match involving the Robert Stone Brand.

Dakota Kai and Raquel González asked for anyone to come out

Raquel González said that he crushed one of the most dangerous women in NXT last week in Xia Li. So the question was...who was next? It didn't matter to the champion.

Keep them coming. TAG MATCH: Catanzaro & Carter vs Monet & Kamea; We see Kamea keep up with both Carter and Catanzaro, albeit with difficulty. Monet, however, decides to take over the reins of the match, putting Carter in serious difficulty, scoring with a nice delivery note before releasing Kamea again.

The two begin a good teamwork with which they really put poor Carter on the ropes who tries in every way to regain control of the match but without succeeding, colliding with the wall erected by Monet. The ex IMPACT seems in full control when Stone tries to convince her to hit his opponent with a blunt object and to do so he literally throws it at her distracting her, so as to allow Carter and Catanzaro to perform their pairing maneuver with which they get the final pin.

Result: victory by pinfall of Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter. Let's now continue on the wave of tag teams. TAG MATCH: Imperium vs Hit Row; We see Adonis undergoing the attacks of both Aichner and Barthel with the latter going even close to the pin.

However, Adonis manages to take over from Top Dolla who, once inside, knocks out first Barthel and then Aichner. The Hit Row seem definitely in confidence with the match so much that they send Adonis back on the ropes. In the meantime, we see that Santos Escobar makes his appearance on the stage and forces Top Dolla to get distracted, thus allowing the Imperium to focus on Adonis who is promptly shot down with the combined elevated european uppercut plus powerbomb maneuver followed by the definitive pinfall.

Result: victory by pinfall of the Imperium. Post match we witness a real beating of poor Top Dolla by the Legado Del Fantasm which is however interrupted by the arrival of Isaiah Scott with a chair.

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