*Spoiler* Kyle O'Reilly assaulted Adam Cole with a steel chair

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*Spoiler* Kyle O'Reilly assaulted Adam Cole with a steel chair
*Spoiler* Kyle O'Reilly assaulted Adam Cole with a steel chair

There's a verbal exchange between Gargano, LeRae and Indi Hartwell who receives a mysterious gift. Once unwrapped, we realize that it is a drawing made by Dexter Lumis in which everyone is represented as a happy family. Also to be taken into consideration is the fact that in the drawing Lumis is in fact in place of Austin Theory.

Johnny obviously goes on a rampage saying that this will never happen and that Dexter will in no way be part of their family. Indi then decides to field all out, asking Johnny to challenge Dexter in a match next week. If Dexter wins then he will have a chance to be part of The Way, if instead, he loses the relationship between Indi and Dexter he will have to permanently end.

Gargano decides to accept, certain that he already has the victory in his pocket. So far, NXT has stacked the feud between Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole. Ever since the Undisputed Era was torn apart, O'Reilly has played the valiant babyface opposite the dastardly heel, in Cole.

The crowd was completely behind Adam Cole

We are again catapulted on the golf course in the company of Knight and Grimes who, as if that weren't enough, are joined by the Grizzled Young Veterans. The two former UK NXT stars decide to make a bet that sees Knight and Grimes win a few thousand dollars if the former IMPACT Wrestling manages to hit the hole with a single shot.

Obviously, Knight sends the ball directly into the lake, thus forcing Grimes to take control of the situation, doubling the stakes. After taking his gold-plated ball, he prepares to take the shot but before hitting his ball, he hits "two others" owned by Knight, literally knocking him out.

Once the shot is done we see that Grimes's golden ball ends up in the hole with a single shot, thus effectively winning the challenge with the GYVs that once they understand the situation they decide to run away chased by a decidedly tried Knight.

So here we are at the last match of the evening. MAIN EVENT-SINGLE MATCH: Adam Cole vs Reed; We are witnessing a very intense match with the two athletes intent on fighting each other and not giving way to their opponent. We see Reed take advantage of his physicality by hitting a splash, an avalanche and a standing senton.

The dispute continues with Cole who manages to put Reed in serious trouble with a series of kicks in the face. Reed once again manages to take the reins of the match by closing his opponent in the corner and then hitting him repeatedly with a series of chops.

The referee is then forced to intervene, allowing Cole to hit Reed with a knee superkick, previously battered by the former NXT Champion, and then score with the Panama Sunrise. The referee then begins to count, however, arriving only up to 2.

Cole then tries to put an end to the contest by trying to perform the Last Shot which is rejected by Reed who after a powerbomb is preparing to execute the Tsunami. Cole quickly manages to avoid the blow, thus hitting yet another superkick followed by Last Shot.

This time the referee can only count to 3. Result: Adam Cole's pinfall victory. Post-match we see Cole being brutally attacked by Kyle O'Reilly with a chair. Not happy, O’Reilly also scores with a brainbuster on the steel steps.

It seems quite clear that their rivalry has not yet come to an end and that we will probably have the final chapter in TakeOver 36.

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