*Spoiler* Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish faced each other on NXT

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*Spoiler* Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish faced each other on NXT

The show opens with the usual summary video that tells us what happened the week before and then we proceed with the matches. Legado Del Fantasma (with Escobar) vs Hit Row (with Scott & B-Fab) To compete in the ring are Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza against Top Dolla and Ashante Thee Adonis, with the audience that seems all on the side of Hiiiit Row (if you have read it while singing you have my esteem).

With Hit Row dominating, Santos Escobar tries to distract the referee, but the other two members of the Hit Row stable who are out of the ring also think about getting in the way and when we return from the break Legado Del Fantasma is dominating.

But as soon as Top Dolla takes the change, the situation is reversed until Santos Escobar first hits him with a chair and then slams him against the steps, calling the disqualification and winning Hit Row. In the end, a fight in the ring starts with the Legado Del Fantasma who immobilizes the North American champion by attacking him several times with his chair and stealing his gold teeth.

But in the end Hit Row has the better thanks to B-Fab who attacks them with a chair followed by his stablemates who knock out the Mexicans. Former Undisputed Era members Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish faced each other on NXT.

The match was solid. It was quite a physical contest but lacked a certain urgency to it. This did not feel like a grudge match between two former teammates and could have been better.

Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish faced each other on NXT

Let's now go backstage with William Regal meeting up with Samoa Joe along with some bodyguards to avoid anything between him and Karrion Kross until TakeOver.

Then we are shown a short video of Dexter Lumis being backstage as he draws an InDex comic surrounded by everyone else he had done before. Ridge Holland (with Dunne and Lorcan) vs Ikemen Jiro Fantastic Jiro with the watermelon-themed jacket to honor the International Watermelon Day, but unfortunately for him, just like those watermelons used in American high schools for gravity experiments, he is slammed here and there and disintegrated by Holland dominating the match and winning easily.

At the end of the match, Pete Dunne takes the floor and makes a promo addressed to Ciampa and Thatcher, threatening them and saying that this new trio is the most dangerous of NXT. Returning backstage we have Franky Monet, Jessi Kamea and Robert Stone who are interviewed about what happened last week and it is the blonde who takes the floor to blame Robert for his meddling in the match by telling him that things will have to change and she will be in charge of the d 'now on.

We are shown a video montage of Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish, who from stablemates have become enemies and will now compete. Bobby Fish vs Roderick Strong (with Diamond Mine) The match between the two is fairly balanced until they move to the apron with Bobby Fish taking the lead by knocking down Roderick and threatening his stablemates before returning the action to the ring. In the end, Roderick Strong wins the match and celebrates in the ring with his teammates.