*Spoiler* Cameron Grimes came off as incredibly sympathetic

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*Spoiler* Cameron Grimes came off as incredibly sympathetic

Meanwhile, in the locker room, we see LA Knight with Cameron Grimes exchanging a few words about their match tonight, trying to figure out if they can trust each other. LA Knight & Cameron Grimes vs Grizzled Young Veterans.

As always the Grizzled Young Veterans make their entrance with the microphones to give us all their reasons and then the match begins with the poor butler forced to fight with his work uniform taking them from the two opponents and when he finally reaches his corner for the change LA Knight gets off the apron proving that he really could not be trusted and Grimes then loads himself up a lot by beating the Grizzleds, but this is not enough for him to win, in fact after a couple move he is pinned.

Ted DiBiase came out to console a defeated Cameron Grimes

The "strange bedfellows" concept remains one of WWE's most common cliches, but it was effective on NXT. Taking a break from his duties as LA Knight's butler, Cameron Grimes teamed up with the Million Dollar Champion to take on The Grizzled Young Veterans.

At the end of the match, Ted DiBiase joins him and goes to console him by telling him that he must somehow get out of this situation before taking him backstage. Dakota Kai tells us about her betrayal We are shown the video of Dakota Kai's attack on Raquel Gonzalez last week, followed by another video where Dakota talks about what happened telling us the story of her union with Raquel saying: "If it weren't for me, Raquel Gonzalez would still be a nullity.

" Then he goes on to represent her as a figure who should have stood by her side, learn and protect her, but who then took the stage by going for the title of Io Shirai and getting angry that Raquel was very selfish on this occasion, just thinking to herself instead of returning the favor after everything he's done for her.

She then concludes by saying that she is not Raquel's shoulder and that she has not even noticed her betrayal dazzled by her success with her. "I brought you into this world and now I will let you out when I become the champion."

And here I say: COME ON DAKOTA !! Beckstage we find McKenzie interviewing Candice and Johnny asking them for their opinion on the situation with Dexter and the match that the two men will have for Indi and Candice adds that the two of them know what is best for Indi and Johnny says that tonight the girl's fate is in her hands and will do everything to protect her and end this InDex story.

At the commentators' table they update us that last week Adam Cole suffered a neck injury and therefore does not have the permission of the doctors to compete, also attaching the videos of O’Reilly attacking him with the chair.