*Spoiler* InDex has finally come to fruition

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*Spoiler* InDex has finally come to fruition

NXT Breakout Tournament Match - Joe Gacy vs Trey Baxter Obviously this match is based on two different fighting styles, with Gacy being bigger using his power, while Baxter using his speed and flying skills. In the end, Baxter is the winner, throwing himself from the stake with a 450 Stomp before pinning his opponent for a count of three and going to the semifinals.

We see a skit between Zoey Stark and Io Shirai who went to a sushi restaurant together with the first one babbling about them trying to bond like she and Kairi Sane in the past. But when he gets the food Zoey is totally unable to eat it disgusted with the Japanese who keeps saying: "Good right?" And then she leaves her the bill to pay.

InDex has finally come to fruition after months of build. It may have come at the expense of the stakes of the match, with the result ultimately being meaningless, but the Black and Gold brand usually does well with plot points like this.

It remains to be seen what Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae do next week.

InDex has finally come to fruition

Returning backstage we find Indi who is a bit sad and the journalist asks her who is supporting tonight and she replies that it is complicated because, on the one hand, she has family and on the other true love and that if Dexter were to win with Candice and Johnny who give it a chance, they might see he's not a bad person, he's just misunderstood.

And then she concludes by saying: "Tonight we will find out if it is destiny or not." Karrion Kross arrives totally random by climbing with a microphone on the commentator's table, provoking Samoa Joe who enters restrained by the security but punches him while Kross quickly walks away.

Then he allows himself to throttle one of them looking straight into the camera as if to send a message to the NXT champion. As an interlude, we are shown a promo video that promotes the match between WALTER and Dragunov II, with some superstars who have appeared to have their say based also on the match we had already seen previously.

The contest will take place in the United States at NXT Takeover 36. We also see a promo of Kushida granting a match for his cruiserweight title to Rodrick Strong. Love Her or Lose her Match-Johnny Gargano vs Dexter Lumis The two immediately start the contest without wasting too much time, with the desire to win for Indi and they are not at all light with the attacks.

At one point Indi Hartwell also arrives with the audience shouting "InDex!" After a few minutes Dexter disappears under the ring with Indi who goes to look for him, but at that point, Candice also enters who with Johnny tries to get her out of the ring and succeeds with Lumis who, however, comes out with her hand in hand and Gargano attacks him.

At some point in the match, Gargano leaves the ring going to blame Beth Phoenix for the advice given to Indi, but honestly, Beth is all of us surrendered Gargano! The match lasts a long time and is very close and towards the end Lumis also caresses Indi's face coming out of a submission, while The Way argues and Dexter tries to make a roll-up in Gargano by accidentally hitting Indi and immediately feeling guilty.

distracting himself and at that point, Gargano wins the match for the sadness of Indi who is taken away by the couple, but in the end, he goes back and runs into the ring throwing himself on Dexter to kiss him with passion. FINALLY, InDEX ARE A REALITY!