Possible spoiler about the future of NXT

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Possible spoiler about the future of NXT

Lately, yet another news regarding some releases made by the WWE has shocked fans of the WWE Universe, with very important characters from the third roster of the federation, such as Bronson Reed, Bobby Fish and Mercedes Martinez, which would have been released in the night.

by the company, again with regard to some budget cuts wanted by the company. In all, the releases were eleven this time, with quite important names of the yellow brand of the company (NXT), such as Bronson Reed and Mercedes Martinez, which until the last episode of the yellow show had managed to keep the attention of fans high, on the own storylines.

All this, however, apparently would be part of a decidedly broader plan of the Stamford company, which would involve the NXT brand in its entirety, which should soon receive a real revolution from its foundations.

Will WWE upset all of NXT anytime soon?

To give these news that leave the fans of the WWE Universe still in doubt, were the pages of the PW Insider in the last hours, with the journalists of the well-known overseas site, who reportedly reported: "There has been a lot of internal discussions to bring about multiple changes to the NXT brand, including a new logo, new lighting and a focus on young talent and also a different TV show format.

This umpteenth cleanup tonight seems to be one of these announced changes." Apparently, after all these releases, Triple H would become one of the trending names on Twitter, with fans calling him over 5000 times, in tweets that are always different, but always of the same nature.

Apparently, almost all the names released by the WWE were personal "bets" of the Triple, who he was convinced were all talents to be kept at hand and who could then surprise the fans. Apparently, HHH wouldn't have had any more time, with Vince McMahon starting his revolution.

So we just have to expect many news in NXT in the coming weeks, with a total rebranding of the whole format, which could soon be much more interesting than now, as well as less interesting than before. Bobby Fish was once part of The Undisputed Era and is a former NXT Tag Team Champion who has been featured heavily on NXT TV in recent weeks as well.

Mercedes Martinez is a 15-year veteran who was on the main roster last year as part of RETRIBUTION before opting to make her return to the Black and Gold brand. There are several names on this list that were up-and-coming talent in WWE, many youngsters with a lot of in-ring potential that will now have the opportunity to ply their trade elsewhere.