*Spoiler* Two superstars debut on NXT

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*Spoiler* Two superstars debut on NXT

In the last period, the third roster of WWE, NXT, has seen a lot of attack from the company itself, especially due to the new thinking of the Chairman, Vince McMahon, regarding a new format completely different from anything we have already seen in passed for the third brand of the family company.

Although there have been eleven releases in the last week alone, including the names of Mercedes Martinez, Bobby Fish and Bronson Reed, there are also many other athletes from the yellow show who were signed a few months ago and who should still make their ring debuts, such as the two future faces of the NXT main event: Parker Boudreaux and Bronson Rechsteiner.

The two athletes were hired into NXT's famous latest recruit class, which also included John Morrison's wife, far more experienced than them: Franky Monet, former Independents' Taya Valkyrie. This night, during the last episode of the yellow show, Franky's two colleagues also made their debut in front of the WWE cameras, but they did it in a way that the fans did not expect at all, or in the role of security.

by NXT and not by pro-wrestlers.

Parker Boudreaux and Bronson Rechsteiner debut on NXT

In the segment that saw the final face-off between Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly, in which the two signed their contract for the 2 Out of 3 Falls match of the next NXT TakeOver, number 36, to make sure that on the ring reigned respect and above all calm and not violence, some of the security guys thought about it, with some faces of these that were even recognized by the fans, who have so far seen the athletes only in photos or in some short videos before this first appearance.

The famous "Brock Lesnar impersonator" Parker Boudreaux should soon make his debut as a wrestler in the NXT rings and the son of the legendary Rick Steiner and therefore also the grandson of the even more famous Scott Steiner, Bronson Rechsteiner.

The two, in the company of colleagues Julius Creed, Brutus Creed and Cal Bloom, were in fact the designated security for the signing of the contract, with Parker and Bronson obviously receiving the most attention from the public, being the two best known by fans, although they still don't know their performance well.