*Spoiler* The great moment of Dakota Kai continues

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*Spoiler* The great moment of Dakota Kai continues

The evening starts off very well with an all-female match starring Raquel Gonzalez's next challenger. SINGLE MATCH: Sarray vs Dakota Kai; We are witnessing a very pleasant match that sees Sarray being able to keep up with his opponent by scoring a good offensive maneuver that Kai, though with difficulty, manages to repel.

We see a decidedly focused Dakota ready to demonstrate to the NXT Women’s Champion that their match at TakeOver 36 will not be a walk in the park and that the risk of taking her belt away is very high. Sarray manages to corner Kai with a couple of kicks in the abdomen and then takes a run to add to her dose.

Kai, however, from nothing launches into a race that ends with a running big boot. The referee therefore cannot help but count to 3.

Dakota Kai was victorious

Result: Dakota Kai's pinfall victory. Post-match Kai tries to hit Sarray again before being blocked by Gonzalez who forces her to flee.

The champion then sends a message to her next challenger simply telling her that at the next TakeOver she will tear her apart. They seem like excellent conditions for a titled match. We will see what these two fantastic athletes can give us and especially if Kai will be able to take that famous step that many of us are looking forward to so that we can finally see her with the NXT Women 's Championship around her waist.

We are now being offered yet another spot involving WWE's most loved family, I Gargano. In fact, we see Indi Hartwell intent on making herself beautiful while awaiting the arrival of her beloved Dexter Lumis while Johnny and Candice discuss worriedly.

Dexter finally reaches his beloved and after a "pleasant" conversation with Gargano, he and Indi officially start their date. Back in the arena, we see none other than Ilja Dragunov making his entrance, sending a loud and clear message to WALTER essentially saying that he will put an end to his reign of terror.

The promo is interrupted by the one who definitely left his mark on NXT UK, Pete Dunne. The two have a verbal confrontation with Dunne which enhances his work thanks to which the English brand has reached its current splendor.

Dragunov tries to downsize him by reminding him that those times are over now and that in any case, he has never managed to beat WALTER, which he will be able to do because he is able to make impossible things possible. In the end, however, the two decide that the only way to understand who is better than who is to face each other in a match, maybe just tonight.

Let's now move on to the next match of the evening involving the NXT Million Dollar Champion. SINGLE MATCH: L.A. Knight vs Andre Chase; The match has little to say and sees Knight take home the victory after a few seconds.

Result: L.A. pinfall victory Knight. After the meeting we see Knight and his butler Cameron Grimes being joined by "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. The three have a verbal exchange with DiBiase who tries to convince Knight to give away his belt once again at TakeOver 36.

Knight initially seems reluctant but then realizes he can turn the situation in his favor by accepting the proposal but on one condition. If Knight is the one to win, it will have to be none other than Ted DiBiase himself as his butler. A condition that the Million Dollar Man accepts, thus formalizing the match between Grimes and Knight.