*Spoiler* Adam Cole will take on Kyle O'Reilly in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match

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*Spoiler* Adam Cole will take on Kyle O'Reilly in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match

Let's continue now with another match that involves the women's division and more precisely one of the new arrivals. SINGLE MATCH: Gigi Dolin vs Amari Miller; We are witnessing a purely one-way battle that sees Gigi prevail in every respect against his opponent.

From the commentary table in the meantime, we are informed that GM William Regal has formalized the match between Pete Dunne and Ilja Dragunov and that this will be the main event of the evening. Going back to the match, we see Miller groped for a comeback which, however, gives her nothing more than a count of 2.

Dolin then decides to take back the reins of the match by starting to hit her opponent with a series of elbow smashes and then close the match with his final maneuver. Result: victory by pinfall of Gigi Dolin; Now we are taken to the Italian restaurant where the appointment between Dexter and Indi takes place with the latter who, after having ordered practically half of the restaurant menu, discovers that Candice is hiding inside the room equipped with a radio transmitter intent on talking with Gargano.

He then politely invites her to go away and leave them alone. Adam Cole's potential final NXT match might not represent such a fond farewell for him. He will take on Kyle O'Reilly in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match - a carbon copy of the feud-ender between Cole and Johnny Gargano in 2019.

The match was notorious for an unrealistic amount of kick-outs, nearly turning it into a parody at one point.

Adam Cole will take on Kyle O'Reilly in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match

The last chapter of "Kyle O'Reilly vs Adam Cole" saga Now let's go back to the arena where we find William Regal trying to find the best final chapter for the Kyle O'Reilly vs Adam Cole saga.

The general manager decides that the match we will see at TakeOver 36 will be a 2 out of 3 falls, leaving the two challengers the possibility to choose the first 2 matches. The first to decide is O’Reilly who chooses a sober pinfall or submission match.

Now it's up to Cole to choose that he decides to opt for a street fight. The two then start a verbal confrontation by throwing up their mutual hatred on each other before coming to blows once again. This time, however, the fight is promptly quelled with Regal who in the meantime tells us that the last stipulation will be a Steel Cage Match.

Now it's time for the Breakout Tournament. SINGLE MATCH: Odyssey Jones vs Trey Baxter; We are witnessing a very pleasant match even if devoid of exciting technical flashes. The protagonist of the dispute is Jones who, thanks also to his size, manages to repel any type of attack from his opponent.

Baxter really tries them all, even coming close to the pin after a DDT and a kick to the face. Jones, however, does not intend to give up so easily and after getting up, he crashes his opponent to the ground with a side slam that gives them the definitive pin.

Result: Odyssey Jones pinned to victory. We are told that we will see two titled matches next week. Specifically, we will see the defense of the NXT Tag Team Championship by the MSK against the Imperium. In addition, NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida will have to defend his belt from the onslaught of Roderick Strong.