Bianca Belair Speaks About NXT Possibly Being Repackaged

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Bianca Belair Speaks About NXT Possibly Being Repackaged

Bianca Belair recently spoke about NXT’s possible makeover. It has been reported that NXT will be completely repackaged in the coming few weeks. A huge number of NXT stars were recently released and that may be in line with NXT being repackaged.

It was reported that NXT will have “a new NXT logo, a new lighting and look, a different format to the weekly TV show, and a focus on the younger talents”.

Bianca Belair Speaks About WWE's Remarkable Ability to Adapt

Before joining WWE Smackdown, Bianca Belair was an NXT Superstar.

In fact, she was extremely popular at NXT. She received praise from many WWE Legends. She was a huge star even before she joined the main roster as a result. Even though she is the main roster superstar, she stated that NXT still has a proper place in her heart.

“NXT is home to me. They really built me from the ground,” Belair told Vicente Beltrán of ViBe & Wrestling. “When I came to NXT I didn’t know anything. It’s an amazing place to be and no matter how long you are there there’s always gonna instill something in you that can ignite you the fire in you and help you to succeed no matter where you’re at”.

NXT operated like a developmental brand, during its early days. It slowly started to become a proper third brand for the WWE while still retaining some of its identity as WWE’s developmental brand. Even though there were many stars at NXT that were produced by the WWE Performance Center, WWE hired some popular independent wrestling stars for NXT as well.

Samoa Joe, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens are some of the indie wrestlers that WWE hired. It appears that WWE now wishes to focus on developing the younger wrestlers that join WWE NXT so that they last longer than indie wrestlers.

“As far as repackaging NXT, I know no matter what happens NXT and WWE, in general, is so good at adapting and just being successful at anything that they do,” Bianca Belair said. “Look at the ThunderDome and how they adapted at what was happening in the world, making the ThunderDome and virtual fans being able to adapt no matter what to be successful and that’s what’s amazing about this company. Anybody that steps foot in this company, no matter what, can go off and be successful inside and outside”.