Former WWE referee explains what the future of NXT should be

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Former WWE referee explains what the future of NXT should be

Over the past month, WWE has made a major contribution to its rosters, especially NXT, where the company has gone to cut numerous and important Superstars from its mid-upper Carding, including Bronson Reed, Bobby Fish and Mercedes Martinez.

Although the three had had a fairly important past in the rings of the third brand of the Stamford-based federation, after a careful analysis by the management of the federation, all of them were superfluous for the new thinking that will be behind the yellow roster of the company.

After years, in fact, NXT will receive a revolution from the foundations, put into practice by the Chairman himself, with several insiders, past and present, who have already begun to have their say, such as Jimmy Korderas, former historical referee of Friday Night Smackdown, now released several years ago from his on-screen role with WWE.

What will the future of NXT be?

Over the years, NXT has transformed from a simple TV show with new recruits who were joined by more experienced Superstars, to a real third roster appendix of the federation, with one of the latest editions of the Survivor Series, which have also been environment of a heated rivalry between the main roster of Raw and Smackdown and the third yellow show of Triple H.

Apparently, after all these problems and these internal and external discussions, the former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas, would have dedicated this thought to NXT, saying to the microphones of his Reffin 'Rant: "Maybe it would be a good idea for NXT to go back to being a development brand instead of being a real third brand, which would lead several insiders and experts to say that the competition in WWE is certainly extensive.

Maybe it's the right way to go, we'll see." Big stars like Braun Strowman, Aleister Black, and most recently Bray Wyatt were released from the promotion in the past few months, along with various other prominent stars.

Meanwhile, NXT and 205 Live have also been subject to mass cuts. While the Black and Gold brand was affected around a month ago, this round of cuts came as a major shock. Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp broke the news of these releases during tonight's episode of SmackDown, as some of the names being released were truly shocking.