NXT episodes will be recorded after TakeOver 36

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NXT episodes will be recorded after TakeOver 36

Last week we kept you updated on the NXT situation which seems increasingly in the balance. In fact, according to what was reported by various news sites, Vince McMahon would have decided to upset the brand. The biggest and most important changes are related to the roster, in fact we have seen many layoffs recently because it seems that the Chairman has decided to hire people under 30 and tall in stature.

Many superstars, especially the women's division, are currently worried about their future in the company, because internal morale is really low, with a lot of tension. The hits reportedly keep coming for WWE NXT. This weekend, WWE will be in Las Vegas for SummerSlam while NXT remains in the Capitol Wrestling Center for TakeOver 36 the following day.

A new report suggests that the TakeOver event will be the beginning of a multiple-day taping block for the black-and-gold brand.

NXT episodes will be recorded after TakeOver 36

Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly are set to compete in their third match against each other at WWE NXT TakeOver 36.

The two men who were once best friends are now the bitterest of enemies in WWE. It is news of the last few hours that the yellow-black brand would return to record its episodes instead of sending them live, as it had done in the two weeks of the Olympics.

To report everything is Bryan Alvarez who decided to make a tweet to communicate it to the WWE Universe. Once upon a time, blocks of episodes were filmed which then went to the WWE Network and the idea would be to resume this routine.

Alvarez's words are as follows: “The NXT recording schedule may be temporary, but for sure they will record several episodes after TakeOver”. After all these changes Vince Russo had wanted to say about him: “Vince McMahon has never liked the comparison between NXT and the main roster shows, which has been further accentuated in recent times.

The reality is that Vince would fire at least 80% of the boys who play at NXT." And then specifically he talked about the relationship between Triple H and Vince: “Vince is allowing Triple H to dedicate all of his time to the growth of the young talents of NXT.

Do you know why he does it? To then prove to him that they are not at the height of the main roster. There are several guys who had shone at NXT and who were humiliated when they made the jump to Raw or SmackDown”.