*Spoiler* Ilja Dragunov still protagonist on NXT

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*Spoiler* Ilja Dragunov still protagonist on NXT

The evening starts in fourth with an open challenge launched by the Diamond Mine and more precisely by Roderick Strong. The challenge is accepted by the one who will face WALTER at NXT TakeOver 36. SINGLE MATCH: Roderick Strong vs Ilja Dragunov; We are witnessing a decidedly pleasant match only the spectacular aspect with the two athletes who have no intention of sparing themselves, especially Dragunov who will have to face WALTER this Sunday in a match valid for the NXT UK Championship.

Strong really tries them all to bring home the result, even going so far as to throw poor Ilja against the steel steps but this is not enough to damage the tenacity of the Russian athlete.

Ilja Dragunov still protagonist on NXT

KUSHIDA was scheduled to defend his WWE NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Roderick Strong this week.

However, William Regal announced that the champion was not cleared to compete, prompting Malcolm Bivens to demand a match for Roderick Strong. Ilja Dragunov answered the challenge after his loss to Pete Dunne last week. He came out looking all pumped up and went after Strong from the get-go.

Back in the ring the clash resumes with the two athletes literally exhausted and as if that were not enough with a Dragunov definitely marked by a wound in the face from which he loses a fair amount of blood. The NXT UK athlete then tries to end the match first with a German suplex into the bridge which is followed, however, by only a 2 count and then with his Torpedo Moscow which is promptly rejected by Strong with a knee in the face.

Dragunov, however, did not give up and took the charge again with another Torpedo Moscow which this time scored and gave him the victory. Result: Ilja Dragunov's pinfall victory. Post-match Ilja Dragunov tries in vain to call the NXT Uk Champion WALTER in front of him without obtaining the desired result.

We are now offered a brief summary of the storyline involving Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole and which will see the final chapter take place in TakeOver 36 in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Returning to the ring we find the Hit Row intent on verbally attacking Santos Escobar guilty of having disrespected them.

Santos interrupts their invective, inviting Scott to join him in the parking lot to finish this gentleman's story. Santos promises to be found alone so without Wild and Mendoza and expects Scott to do the same. The NXT North American Champion does not let himself be begged and sling into the parking lot where he obviously falls into the ambush set by Santos and ends up being attacked by all 3 members of the Legado of the Phantom.

However, all the remaining members of the Hit Row came to the champion's rescue and in a few seconds overturn the situation and force the Legado to surrender.