*Spoiler* Cameron Grimes destroyed Josh Briggs

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*Spoiler* Cameron Grimes destroyed Josh Briggs

Now it's time for the second match of the evening decided by the NXT Million Dollar Champion L.A. Knight and starring his butler. SINGLE MATCH: Cameron Grimes vs Josh Briggs; We see a Grimes in slight difficulty both because of Briggs' considerable size and because of the clothes he is forced to wear that limit his movements.

However, Cameron's performance is still of the highest level, as usual, managing to score also his crossbody 360 followed by the running foot stomp followed by the final pin. Result: Cameron Grimes pinfall victory. Post-match L.A.

Knight pours all his frustration before him against Ted DiBiase who accompanied him to the commentary table for the duration of the match and then against Grimes crashing him to the ground with his Bottom Rung. Now is the time for a short interview with NXT Women's Tag Team Champions with Zoey Stark who makes us understand that we have done everything possible to get closer to Io Shirai but that, as Rome was not built in 2 days, not even their friendship can be cemented in a short time.

The Million Dollar apologized to Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes was booked to take on Josh Briggs on WWE NXT. LA Knight offered Briggs $10,000 to take Grimes out for good. Ted DiBiase and Knight walked out to join the commentary team at ringside for the match.

The Million Dollar Man bet $20,000 on Grimes before the match began. However, I interrupts her by telling her that she does not like her and that he is with her only and exclusively because of the couple titles. Let's go back to the ring again where we are now witnessing a mixed tag match involving the most loved couple from the WWE Universe and also by us at Worldwrestling.it.

MIXED MATCH: InDex vs Robert Stone & Jessi Kamea; We are witnessing a rather confusing initial phase with Stone trying to worry Dexter without having the desired effect and then even trying to escape before being brought back into the ring by Franky Monet.

Back on the ropes Stone then gives way to Jessi who without too many problems manages to keep up with Indi, until he involuntarily gives the change to Stone. Lumis then takes control of the situation by hitting with a devastating spinebuster and then returning the gear again Indi who, as soon as she enters, also hits with a spinebuster on Jessi and then groped the pin interrupted by Stone.

Jessi then imprisons a single leg crub Indi but she can hardly touch the low rope. Jessi is not there and hits Dexter with a kick forcing him to get off the apron where Stone tries to reach him with a flight over the third rope, missing the target.

Jessi insists on hitting Dexter who, however, does not appear to suffer the blows in any way and just stares intently at her. Then in the throes of a fit of jealousy Jessi throws herself on her bringing her back to the ring and imprisoning her in The Silence.

Result: victory by submission of the InDex. Post match we see then reach Beth Phoenix who gives her an object. Back in the ring we see Indi kneel and then show the object she received shortly before which is nothing more than the ring with which Indi asks Dexter to marry her.

Lumis accepts without delay and the two kiss passionately in the center of the ring. We are now being offered the double interview between NXT Women 's Champion Raquel Gonzalez and her opponent in TakeOver 36 Dakota Kai.

The champion claims that she is no longer a she that she has yet to prove something but a finished star and that Dakota will not be able to do anything to be able to take the title away from her. Kai on the other hand reiterates that without her she would never have been able to take her title and that from this Sunday she will have to start calling her NXT Women's Champion.