*Spoiler* MSK defended their Tag Team Championships at NXT

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*Spoiler* MSK defended their Tag Team Championships at NXT

Now it's time for the Breakout tournament and more precisely for the semifinal. SINGLE MATCH: Carmelo Hayes vs Duke Hudson; We see two excellent prospects in the NXT house, one strongly marked by the aspect of agility and the other, Hudson, on physical power.

Hayes manages to score a DDT on the apron ending up badly dropping Hudson who suffers the blow considerably. Back on the ropes Hayes tries the pin but is not successful. Not happy, Carmelo tries to climb to the top of the stake where he is joined by Hudson who drags him down but the latter ends up being imprisoned in a small package which, however, gives Hayes only a 2 count.

to score a Codebreaker and then try her hand at a diving leg drop from the top of the pole. The referee then counts up to 3 and ends the match. Result: Carmelo Hayes pinch victory who then reaches Odyssey Jones in the final of the tournament that we remember will be played this Sunday in TakeOver 36.

We have therefore reached the last match of the evening which sees the NXT Tag Team Championship up for grabs. WALTER made it clear to Fabian Aichner and Marcel Bartel that they needed to win gold on WWE NXT to fulfill the prophecy.

MSK walked out to defend their NXT Tag Team Championships against Imperium in the only title match of the night. MAIN EVENT - TAG MATCH: MSK (c) vs Imperium; The dispute is purely dominated by the Imperium with the MSK who can not help but suffer the blows of the European giants.

MSK defended their Tag Team Championships at NXT

However, Carter’s entry seems to give new life to the MSK who manage to regain the reins of the match and considerably worry the challengers by touching the pin on several occasions.

WALTER comes to the aid of the Imperium and tries to distract the referee by allowing Barthel to intervene irregularly. The Imperium is therefore preparing to end the match. However, Barthel is distracted by the arrival of Dragunov who throws himself on WALTER who, however, throws him badly on the access ramp.

The MSK are able to take advantage of the situation by reversing the positions and managing to score the elevated Blocbuster. Result: victory by pinfall of the MSK who are confirmed as NXT Tag Team Champions. Post match WALTER pours all his frustration on both Dragunov and MSK.

Dragunov, however, is not there and attacks the champion again forcing him to return to the ring where he finds the assistance of Barthel and Aichner. Ilja however manages to get rid of both Marcel and Fabian before being knocked down by WALTER with a devastating chop and immediately after being imprisoned in a sleeper hold.

The evening is not over yet as it is now time for Samoa Joe to face off with NXT Champion Karrion Kross. To open the dance we think Samoa Joe who asserts that he will snatch the belt from the champion this Sunday. Kross then decides to appear accompanied by the security members saying that he brought them not for his protection but for Joe's.

Not satisfied, the champion also says that he has no intention of leaving the title to someone who has taken a "year off" and therefore has not deserved this titled opportunity. Kross then joins Joe in the ring where the latter gives him a headbutt and from there literally starts a real fight with the two athletes who break through the barricade twice before being stopped by the whole roster and the management representatives.