*Spoiler* A historical reign ends at NXT TakeOver: 36

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*Spoiler* A historical reign ends at NXT TakeOver: 36

In this weekend just ended, the great events with the good wrestling of the WWE were two, namely the summer BIg Four: Summerslam, exceptionally aired on Saturday and NXT TakeOver: 36, the special dedicated instead to the yellow roster of the WWE.

For once, in fact, the Stamford company preferred to swap with the days of the week, with TakeOver usually airing on Saturday, which this time airing on Sunday instead. For both events, the management of the company wanted to put a lot of meat on the fire, in the ppv of the main roster by also inserting two sensational returns such as those of Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar and with NXT instead also inserting some NXT UK athletes in the various contests, such as the match valid for the NXT UK Championship between WALTER and Ilja Dragunov.

Does NXT TakeOver 36 represent the end of an era?

NXT TakeOver: 36 kicked off with the Million Dollar Championship match between LA Knight and Cameron Grimes. The kickoff show saw Ridge Holland defeat Trey Baxter before Holland called out Thatcher ahead of their match next week's NXT.

Among the many disputes that NXT fans awaited most anxiously for this special event, there was obviously the match valid for the most important belt of the UK side of NXT, with WALTER who was now champion for over 2 years, with the the only one who could beat him at the moment was Dragunov, the unstoppable athlete of the east, who never stops at anything on a physical level.

After a hard-fought match, with no holds barred, it was Ilja Dragunov who got the better of it, who managed to snatch the title of absolute NXT UK champion from WALTER after 870 years of reign, making him surrender. The victory came in fact with a Sleeper Hold, with Dragunov having to hit his opponent over and over again in the neck, to send him to the mat and eventually make him give up after several seconds of grip.

With the CWC fans in disbelief, Dragunov eventually got the better of it and knocked out the now former champion of the European side of NXT, graduating as a new champion, at a time for NXT and certainly for him as well. Grimes had the upper hand early on and hit a backdrop before Knight was sent outside.

Grimes set Knight up on the steel steps before Ted Dibiase helped him land a big kick to the Million Dollar Champion. Grimes was headed for the top rope, but Knight dropped him, and he fell to the outside. Knight was dominating at this point, but Grimes blocked a neck breaker but was caught in a headlock in the ring.