Samoa Joe Speaks About Vince McMahon’s Involvement in NXT

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Samoa Joe Speaks About Vince McMahon’s Involvement in NXT

Samoa Joe Recently Spoke about Vince McMahon’s Involvement in NXT. Samoa Joe was one of WWE’s top stars at one time. Before joining WWE, he was a very famous indie wrestler. He was extremely famous at Impact Wrestling and was able to wrestle various former WWE legends in Impact Wrestling.

That being said, Joe did not have an extremely successful career in WWE. Joe then had to retire temporarily as he suffered a significant amount of injuries during the course of his career. That is why he was most well-known for providing commentary during temporary retirement in WWE.

He has also made a small number of appearances in the ring but is currently working as an active performer again.

Samoa Joe Reveals Just How Involved Vince McMahon is in NXT's Creative Process

Many people believe that Vince McMahon is not involved in NXT’s creative process.

Joe first spoke about whether or not he will ever return to the WWE main roster. “That’s always in the cards, let’s be honest,” Joe said. “RAW and Smackdown and NXT are the three rotating brands in WWE.

I think at this point, especially in the last decade, you can say anything can happen. So I think it’s foolish to discount that fact. I think me saying that now would lead to me looking like a fool in a couple of years”.

Joe then revealed how much Vince is involved in NXT. Many people believe that NXT is doing well these days as Vince McMahon does not get involved in the creative process. It is a well-known fact that Vince is heavily involved in all storylines that take place on RAW and Smackdown.

Joe looked at Vince McMahon’s involvement in NXT as being a positive thing. “I think he perceives it as the future of his company,” Samoe Joe said. “I think he’s heavily invested in it. You know it’s funny, I read all this stuff that I hear from people.

At the same time, he’s probably the biggest proponent of its existence and much of what has happened in it thus far. NXT is the future of WWE and it's a big reason why I’m excited to be associated with it. Because I get to delve into the future.

I get to work on new things and new projects and new stars in the world. At this point in my career, I’m very excited to be involved with it”.