The names of the new NXT top heels have been revealed

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The names of the new NXT top heels have been revealed

At NXT, just as happened several times over the last few years, from time to time we have to change the balance in the main event, as several athletes leave the "boat", to face the decidedly larger and more impetuous seas of the main roster, with the famous calls that come from the WWE management, which obviously cannot be answered.

After several months or years in the rings of the yellow show, the most important, famous and deserving athletes are in fact moved to the rings of Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown, to the delight of their fans, who can see them go for titles.

decidedly more important, in feuds with very important business legends. Apparently, it would now also be the time for Karrion Kross to make this move, which in part would have already arrived a few weeks ago, with his debut in the rings of Raw, but now that Kross has lifted the weight of the title of NXT, lost to Samoa Joe in the last TakeOver, has become definitive.

Another NXT top name that seems to have left the boat for not renewing his agreement with the company, is Adam Cole, who seems to be closer and closer to the AEW, rather than to the main roster of the McMahon company.

What will happen now on NXT?

If Karrion Kross and Adam Cole were the names of the heels who supported the entire main event of the WWE yellow show almost alone, now it seems that the company has found two / three new names that will suit them, carrying on the faction of the WWE.

heel in the coming months. PW Insider, the well-known overseas site, reported in one of its latest updates: "With Adam Cole and Karrion Kross gone, we are told that currently, the current plans are for Johnny Gargano to be positioned as the top heel of the entire brand.

We were told that Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong will also be the main players on the side of the brand's heels." WWE has apparently already replaced the outgoing NXT, with new stars to shine in its third brand.

Ciampa went into the ring after the match and Holland attacked him before The Blackheart fired back and sent both Dunne and Holland out of the ring. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch showed up to take Ciampa out at ringside. Holland was back up and Timothy dragged him out of the ring and attacked him. Holland hit back with the blackjack and Dunne dragged him off of Thatcher and took him backstage.