Johnny Gargano talks about his Royal Rumble experience

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Johnny Gargano talks about his Royal Rumble experience

Johnny Gargano is one of the most promising NXT superstars and could soon join the WWE main roster. He competed in numerous matches for the NXT Championship, and eventually captured the NXT North American Championship in the beginning of 2019.

On January 27th, Gargano would make his first main roster appearance at the Royal Rumble event, in the 2019 Royal Rumble match, entering at number 6 in the Royal Rumble match in which he lasted over thirteen minutes and eliminated Jinder Mahal before getting eliminated by Dean Ambrose.

During a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports, Johnny spoke about his Royal Rumble experience: "I got a chance to share it with [my wife] Candice LeRae, because she was in the women’s Royal Rumble as well. What we do is so cool and I have a hard time believing this is my life, it’s so amazing.

It was a dream come true, and that’s putting it lightly. It’s so cool to get to share this with my wife [fellow WWE superstar Candice LeRae] because she is such a huge wrestling fan as well. We both know how big this is.

What was also cool was that my mom came in for TakeOver and I got to tell her she had to stick around for the next day."