Adam Cole Says That He Should be Champion

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Adam Cole Says That He Should be Champion

NXT is part of the WWE which is the world’s most successful wrestling promotion. The company is worth billions of dollars and can sign any wrestler that they want, as long as the wrestler is also willing to join them.

Even though NXT is a smaller brand, a few very talented wrestlers perform at NXT. Some of the best wrestlers in the main roster came from NXT. Adam Cole is one of those wrestlers and thinks that he should be NXT Champion. Cole openly stated in during an interview with TMZ Sports that he thinks he is the best in the roster.

He thinks that all of the other wrestlers are well below him and he should in the front of the line. “When it comes down to it, I'm a guy who feels like I should be a champion in NXT. I think it's an outrage that I am not,” stated Cole.

Cole is all set to be a part of Halftime Heat which will be part of the Super Bowl 53. He took the opportunity during the interview to deliver a very strong message to Maroon 5, the Super Bowl 53 halftime performers. Cole said, “I can promise you that you'll love the show, that you'll enjoy it,” to Maroon 5. Whether or not Cole will be given a championship run, well only the creative team can decide that!