WWE shares the new NXT arena

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WWE shares the new NXT arena

There have been several revolutions in WWE in recent weeks, and the biggest seems to be coming with the federation's third roster: NXT. After years with the same format, the same logo, the same lights and even the same dark and gloomy arena, it seems that WWE and primarily its Chairman, Vince Mcmahon, want to revolutionize everything, changing every single thing within the third brand, which once was solely and exclusively that of development.

After firing major recent wrestlers, such as Bobby Fish, Mercedes Martinez and Bronson Reed, WWE has focused on new entries to be included in the USA Network Tuesday night show, such as a new set of brighter lights, a new wider CWC, a new logo (which's been already presented) and also a new, more colorful and fresh format for the program.

WWE shows have been going down

With a video released during the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, on the television screens of the federation, WWE wanted to launch some small clues on what the new modified arena of the Capitol Wrestling Center, the new home of all the episodes of NXT, will be like.

interior of the Orlando Performance Center. Although the video is quite colorful, with all the new colors of the NXT logo appearing to blur the images below a lot, several fans and insiders have focused on the CWC floor plan featured in the video, which looks much larger than that.

that we know. Most likely, according to what some journalists of the well-known Wrestling News site hypothesized, WWE could also have done some structural work inside the PC in Orlando, knocking down a wall, thus being able to build new seats above those that c 'had been so far.

You can see for yourself the video that created so much curiosity within the WWE Universe. Rumors indicate that the rebranding of NXT will not only be limited to the changing of the logo and overall look but could also impact the way the show will be produced from now on.

It has been reported that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard will jointly produce the show from now on. While this news may worry some fans, considering how the overall quality of the main-roster WWE shows has been going down, it was also reported that the day-to-day operation will remain the same and will be looked after by Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Matt Bloom.

Reports stated that Vince McMahon was not pleased by the way NXT has failed to garner significant ratings. Therefore, the WWE Chairman decided to take matters into his own hands.